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♥ MESSAGE OF THE DAY - 5/6/12 - from St Germain & Merlin ♥

“There have been a lot of people feeling rather down lately and in need of help and support. This is mainly due to the cleansing effects of the planetary changes that are all around and within you at this time. In these times of change, we advise drinking more water, connecting with nature and being around your animal friends for comfort. The Venus transition will bring many changes and much cleansing will be done of the heart centres. This will bring many old emotions and issues to the surface to be dealt with, so be prepared for this. Now is a good time to let go of past loves and anything from the past that you have not dealt with yet. With this purging of “old issues” comes much light and also, much light will be pouring down on your planet, filling your light bodies with diamond crystalline light. This will help you move forwards on your path, but you must also be prepared to let go of all that does not serve, so that you can move forwards in the light. Those who do not release these lower energies will feel stuck until they decide to surrender to the feelings that are coming up for them. If you find yourself feeling stuck, call on us to help you release and indeed we shall help as much as possible. We do not want to see anyone held back and we would like to see you all moving forwards in the light; moving on to newer and brighter things. If you need extra assistance in your cleansing, call on the Violet Flame of Purification and Transmutation to help you. You can call on any form of this you like, since there are many available to you. If you do not know about this flame or how to use it, just call on myself or Merlin to assist you and we shall be there in an instant, to help you connect with these magnificent energies. We wish you love, peace and guidance on this fine day. Blessings be with you. Yours, in light and service, St Germain and Merlin.”

Channelled by Catherine Robson @ Angelic Light.

How to call on the Violet Flame for cleansing (guidance from St Germain):

Take 3 deep breaths in and out to relax and centre yourself.

Call on your guides and angels for protection and support.

Imagine yourself sitting on lush green grass, connecting with nature and the earth. This will ground your energies.

Call on St Germain of the highest light to be with you and then say "I now invoke the highest aspects of the Violet Flame to burn brightly through all levels of my body and my inner being. I ask these energies to safely burn away and cleanse all that is not for my highest good at this time. I ask that all lower forms of energy that are with me be transmuted to light and removed from my energy fields to be replaced by energies of sustenance and compatability. I ask that all sources of energy that are not for my highest good be removed from me completely, never to return. I call on the Violet Flame to purify my mind, body and soul to higher levels, so that I can think clearly on all levels and reach my highest possibilities. I ask all this in the name of the Source and the Holy Trinity. I ask that I be guided to those energies that are only for my highest good and my complete well-being at this time. I now release the past and all energies from the past that are holding me back. I embrace the energies of Mother Nature and I ask her to gently cleanse my soul, so that I am bathed in the light of the Mother at all times. I am the purity that I desire for myself and so it is.” ♥

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