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About Me

Hello! My name is Catherine Craig and I am the owner of Angelic Light, which I opened professionally in March 2006 after sharing my gifts for the previous six years. I am 51 years old and I am from South Lanarkshire, Scotland, in the UK. I live with my beautiful children and our cats. My children are my life, and so I work around them, so that I am always available to them at all times. I work part time from home while my children are at school, so my working hours are 10am - 2.30pm, Monday to Friday. I work as a Medium & Intuitive, Energy Healer, Complementary Therapist and Reiki Master/Teacher and I also design and create Magickal Star Creations, of which my Mystickal Jewels are now available for sale. I also sell second hand books, and I review books on my website, to help authors and publishers.  I really love my work with a passion, and I love to help others along their path of light, bringing guidance, wisdom and higher healing energies to help people to move on in their lives and be the best they can be.

I love to learn and study and so I enjoy gaining new qualifications to help me grow as a person and also so that I have new things to bring to my business to help others. Please click here for a list of my Qualifications if you are interested in reading about them. I have discovered that although it is great to learn and study and gain qualifications, the best learning comes from life experience and going through and overcoming obstacles. I have had a great journey in my life so far, with many ups and downs, but the downs have made me stronger and wiser so they have been just as valuable to me as my ups. It is said that you cannot see the stars unless there is darkness and so, we all go through times of darkness and these help us to appreciate the light. Much of our growth comes from overcoming challenges and we should see them as learning and growing experiences or lessons that we can use to heal ourselves on a greater and higher level. So, the next time you are going through something hard, see the lessons you can learn from it. See the blessings that can come from the situation, such as more confidence and strength and wisdom.

~ Here is My Journey and more about me, my business and my studies: ~

I started my healing/health journey in 1996, when I discovered Homoeopathy, Herbalism, Flower Remedies, a Vegan diet (plant based diet), Crystals and Essential oils (Aromatherapy oils). These helped me to ease long term illnesses that I had (eczema, asthma and allergies) and I was then able to cut down on and remove some of the conventional medicine that I was using and had been using since I was a child. I was so excited to discover complementary/natural medicine and it changed my life for the better. I will always be grateful to a wonderful lady called Ann Doherty, who was my Homoeopath/Herbalist at the time. She helped me so much to heal myself and she taught me a lot too. I still use some conventional medicine (asthma inhalers) as I believe that conventional medicine does have its place for serious illnesses and conventional medicine and complementary/natural medicine can be combined successfully if required.  

I have been a vegan now for 27 years and I was a vegetarian for 5 years before that also. I currently follow a half raw/half cooked Vegan diet and use many natural medicines, such as those above, to keep healthy; as well as using Mind Therapies, Spiritual Channelling work, Healing Energies, Meditation and Yoga on myself. I am now healthier than I was when I was a child and although I do still get sick sometimes, it does not last very long and it is not as intense as it used to be. I am usually able to heal myself quite quickly using different methods.  

I love to teach others about Natural Medicines and Nutrition (especially Veganism and Raw plant foods) and so, I will be adding more pages to my website soon about these and how you can help to heal yourself using these wonderful therapies.  

I also offer e-mailed Nature Readings through my website, as well as distance Nature Healing Sessions and distance Attunement Courses on healing using the energies of Homoeopathy, Herbalism, Flower Remedies and Aromatherapy oils.  

I have a strong connection to plants, herbs, flowers and trees and water and I love to go for a walk in the woods or be outside in nature, near the sea or waterfalls. I especially like Japanese gardens. My favourite food is fruit and I have in the past been called the Fruit Queen (haha). My favourite flowers are Lotus, Jasmine, Lilies, Purple Iris, Roses, Tulips, Poppies, Pansies, Geraniums and Gerbera Daisies. My favourite colours of flowers are purple and blue.

I recently completed a Master Herbalist course with the Centre of Excellence, which I really loved, and I am currently studying other natural medicine courses with different schools, on Herbalism, Homoeopathy, Flower Remedies, Traditional Chinese Medicine and Medicinal Cannabis & CBD Oil. I am also studying a Flower Therapy Healer course with Robert Reeves, which is really fun.

My spiritual journey started in November 2000, when I discovered Derek Acorah, a Medium, on television. I enjoyed watching his Readings and wanted to find out more about him, so I went to his website. I ended up meeting some great friends in his chatroom. One was a lady called Goldy (Carole Bromley), a very special lady and wonderful Medium, who invited me to her own website/chatroom, where I ended up developing my own Mediumship with her help. I had no idea that I was a medium, but when spirit started communicating with me while on her chatroom, I soon realised that it was my mission to help people connect with the spirit realms. After all, we are spirits in a physical body, so talking to spirits is natural and healthy, as we are talking to our fellow brothers and sisters.  

After I had trained as a Medium on Goldy's website, I started running some classes and development circles there, which I really enjoyed. I loved to teach about the Angels there, as well as helping people to Meditate and develop their Mediumship and Intuitive gifts. I also completed an online Psychic Development course with Goldy, which was very interesting. Later, I attended a few in-person Psychic Development classes with a lady called Bethany. I also completed an online Foundation Mediumship course with the College of Holistic Advancement in March 2011 and in March 2013, I qualified as a Medium with Doreen Virtue. In March 2020, I received a Tarot Diploma and I am currently studying Advanced Tarot, as well as courses in Channelling, Mediumship, Psychic Development and Intuition Development to develop my skills even more.

I have always believed in spirit and could always feel them around me when I was growing up, especially my Gran, who still helps me to this day. I feel really lucky that God has given me the ability to see and hear spirit too, so that I can help others with my gift and help them to develop their own gifts.  

I offer many different types of e-mailed Readings through my website, which are very popular and they have helped many people. Most of my Readings are channelled and come through like Spiritual Counselling, but sometimes I also use Oracle and Tarot cards, to add a different dimension to my Readings. I also offer some distance Attunement Courses about Intuitive Development.

I discovered Usui Reiki in 2001. My brother had given me a book about it and I felt really drawn to learn it, so I thought I would try it and see what it was like. I completed my Usui Reiki 1 course in September 2001, with Annie and Annette at The Crystal Garden; both wonderful ladies and I really loved it. They were great teachers. I enjoyed attending the weekly Reiki Shares every Thursday night, where I could practice Reiki on others, Meditate and meet like-minded people. I was able to heal myself a lot too using the Reiki energies, which was fantastic.  

My Usui Reiki 2 course with Annie and Annette came two months later and it was brilliant. I was really happy to complete it with my good friend Colin. I didn't do my Usui Reiki Masters Course until March 2004 because I was busy at home looking after my second son. It all worked out wonderfully anyway, and in divine order, because my mum sat her Usui Reiki Masters Course before me and she got to give me my Masters Course when I was ready. She also gave my sister her Masters Course at the same time - it was a very special moment, which I will always treasure.

I have now been attuned to quite a lot of different types of Reiki and other Energy Healing Systems, which are fascinating. I love feeling all the different kinds of energies, even though they all come from the same place - God/Source. Someone said to me once to see it as a diamond - the diamond is Source, and it has many facets, which represent all the different aspects of healing energy.  

I am currently studying more Healing systems and I will continue to do this, both for my own development and so that I have a wide range of systems to offer my students. I have had many Reiki teachers, as well as Annie, Annette and my Mum, who have all been wonderful, including Linda Taylor, Stephen Lovering, Jay Burrell, Suzanne Roloff, Nicole Lanning, Tracy Kelly and Pamela Caddy.  

I offer many different types of distance Healing Sessions through my website, as well as many different distance Reiki and Energy Healing Attunement Courses, to help my students heal themselves and go on to help others to heal and for them to teach about these energies also.

I have been working with the Angels since 2001 too. I have always believed in Angels, but my angel journey really started when I bought a wonderful book called Angel Inspiration by Diana Cooper. I loved it so much - it was such a blessing. One of my Reiki teachers, Annette, was running an Angel workshop at her healing centre one weekend, not long after I bought this book - I discovered delightfully that the workshop was for World Angel Day 2001 and that she was using Diana Cooper's materials. I knew that I just had to be there, and it turned out to be really wonderful! I had already been connecting with angels while developing as a Medium, but this took my relationship with them to a new and deeper level.  

After that I went to a lot of different Angel workshops, done some distance Angel attunement Courses and learned how to do Angel Readings and Angelic Healing, which I really loved. As I said earlier, I also taught Angel classes on Goldy's chatroom, which was good fun. I work with the Angels daily and they enrich my life so much. My greatest passion is working with Angels and I really love working with Angel healing energies and channelling their words to help counsel others.  

I also work with Ascended Masters, Star beings, Elemental Spirits (such as Fairies), Spirit Guides and Animal Guides.  

My favourite Archangel to work with is Archangel Michael and I am a strong channel for him. I also work with the Archangels Raphael, Uriel, Chamuel, Metatron, Zadkiel, Ariel, Haniel, Jophiel, Sandalphon, Raziel and Gabriel.  

Ascended Masters I love to work with are Goddess Isis, Quan Yin, Mother Mary, Sananda (Jesus), Lord Buddha, Osho, Lord Merlin, Saint Germain, Yogananda, Lord Kuthumi and Commander Ashtar.  

I also work closely with the spirit of John Lennon, who I love dearly and have a strong connection with.  

I enjoy the Angel and Ascension works of Diana Cooper, Kyle Gray, Robert Reeves, Radleigh Valentine and Doreen Virtue, although Doreen has changed her path now to focus only on Christianity. Another teacher who has been a great inspiration to me is Shabdan from Iona Light, whose workshops I really enjoyed. He is a wonderful soul.  

In February 2010 I completed my Angel Healing Practitioner Qualification with the wonderful Suzanne Roloff at Sacred Healing Light and I enjoyed it very much. In October 2012, I completed my Certified Angel Card Reader course with Doreen Virtue and Radleigh Valentine, which was another amazing course. I am currently studying Angel Healing Therapy with the Centre of Excellence and ACP with Charles Virtue as well as Angel courses with Kyle Gray, Tania Magdalene and Robert Reeves.

I offer e-mailed Angel & Ascension Readings through my website, as well as distance Angel & Ascension Healing Sessions and distance Angel Attunement Courses and Ascension Attunement Courses.

I am very connected with the ancient energies of Altlantis, Lemuria and Ancient Egypt, as well as Avalon and Stonehenge and I love to work also with natural Witchcraft, Native American Shamanism, Indian Spirituality (especially the works from Yogananda and Osho), some aspects of Christianity, some aspects of Buddhism and the energies from The Pleiades, Sirius, Orion and other cosmic energies. I also love anything spiritual connected to China, Japan, India and the USA.

I am currently completing courses in Witchcraft (Wicca, Kitchen Witchery and Natural Magic), Ancient Egyptian Magic, Avalon Gateway, Shamanic Healing, Yoga, Raja Yoga, Meditation and Spiritual Counselling with different schools.

I offer distance Healing sessions and Attunement Courses connected with the energies of the ancient civilizations above.

I love animals, especially cats, birds, monkeys, butterflies and horses. I offer e-mailed Animal Guide Readings through my website, as well as distance Healing Sessions using animal energies and distance Animal Attunement Courses. I also offer e-mailed Animal Communication Readings to bring through messages for you from your pets and I offer distance Healing Sessions especially to treat animals too.

In my personal life, I love gaming and I enjoy playing on my playstation. My favourite game is Tomb Raider, but I also love Resi, Far Cry, Assassin's Creed, Saints Row, Spiderman, Saints Row and GTA too. I also love to read books, which are my passion, and I have a big book collection that I adore. My favourite authors are Diana Cooper, Patricia Cornwell, Karin Slaughter, Angela Marsons, Osho, Enid Blyton, Carolyn Keene, Agatha Christie and MC Beaton.  

I love to sing and I used to be a singer, dancer and actress. I was in a Dance School and a Youth Theatre when I was younger. I love Musicals and Classical Music due to doing my theatre work and ballet, but I also love The Beatles (my favourite band), John Lennon (my favourite musician), Eminem, Rage Against the Machine and other different types of music.

Now I bring my love of music and sound through in my work with Sound Therapy, which I use in some of my healing sessions. I am also studying several courses in Sound Therapy, which I am enjoying. 

My favourite colours are indigo blue and purple, as well as green, red and pink. My favourite films are Fast and Furious, Grease, Dirty Dancing, Pretty Woman, Toy Story, Home Alone and Ghost. I don't watch TV programmes very much, but if I do, I love to watch documentaries, especially ones about the earth, space, plants, parenting, childbirth, animals or Ancient Egypt. I also like to watch detective shows.

In the past, as a young woman, I trained at college in Secretarial Studies and Office Administration and I also used to work in offices doing Accounts and Data Input on Computers. I also worked in several shops as a shop assistant. The knowledge that I gained from these times came in handy when I went on to set up my Angelic Light business. I am currently studying a few Administration and Business courses to brush up on my skills, as you can never learn too much about any subject and it is nice to keep up to date with the latest information.

In February 2004 I trained in Thermal Auricular Therapy, also known as Hopi Ear Candling Therapy, with my teacher, Alice Forrest. I have found this therapy useful and very relaxing. I don't currently offer it through my business at the moment, but I use it for myself and my family and friends and I love it. I might offer it as a therapy through my business in the future.

After being fascinated with Crystals for years, and using them to help myself heal and in the process, gaining a large collection of crystals in my home; in April 2004 I trained as a Melody "Love Is In The Earth" Master of Crystology/Crystal Healing Practitioner, completing the Level 1 & 2 workshops with a lovely lady called Anni Watson. Then, in October 2011, I completed a Diploma in Crystal Healing with the School of Natural Health Sciences. Both courses were great and helped me to understand Crystals more. I am currently doing a course on Crystals with Judy Hall. I am very passionate about Crystals and I have a strong affinity with them. I still have an ever-growing collection of them which I use for healing myself and for helping others to heal.

I also enjoy using Crystals in my Magickal Star Creations (more about that below). I offer e-mailed Crystal Readings through my website, as well as distance Crystal Healing Sessions and distance Crystal Attunement Courses.

In March 2010 I qualified as an Aromatherapist with the School of Natural Health Sciences, which was amazing. The course took me a year to complete and it was intense, with a lot of work, but I thoroughly enjoyed it. Before that, in 2009, I completed a Basic Aromatherapy Course at college, which was very enjoyable. In both courses, I enjoyed learning all the different massage movements and more about Essential oils. I had already used Essential oils for years on myself and my family, but it was still nice to learn more about them and find out how I could use them professionally too.  

I do not currently offer Aromatherapy Massage through my business, but in the future I might offer this therapy. I am currently studying Spiritual Aromatherapy, which gives me another view of the oils and how they can be used in Spirituality and Healing. I enjoy using the energies of Aromatherapy oils in my Readings and Healing Sessions.

I have a qualification in Emergency First Aid, which I completed in 2009. I love to learn about health and about the human body, so this course was very interesting. I am currently studying Anatomy and Physiology, which is mind boggling, but really interesting.

In October 2010 I qualified as a Colour Therapist with the School of Natural Health Sciences. I had been wanting to learn Colour Therapy for many years and I really enjoyed my course.  

I offer e-mailed Colour Readings, distance Colour Therapy sessions and distance Colour attunement Courses through my website.

In November 2010 I completed my Nutrition Diploma with the School of Natural Health Sciences. I had been interested in Nutrition for a long time and had studied it on a personal level for years, so it was really nice to get qualified in it so that I could start to pass this knowledge onto others on a more professional level. I am currently studying a Raw Food Nutrition course and a Naturopath course with the Centre of Excellence.

I do not offer Nutritional Therapy as a service through my business, but I will be adding more about Vegan Nutrition and Raw Plant food Nutrition to my website over the coming months, so that others can see the benefits of this and perhaps try it for themselves, if they feel guided to.

In February 2012 I completed a Diploma in Past Life Therapy with the School of Natural Health Sciences. I have been doing e-mailed Past Life Readings for others and Past Life Therapy on myself for many years, so it was nice to finally get qualified in it. I do not offer Past Life Therapy (Regression) sessions through my business at this time, but I still offer e-mailed Past Life Readings, which are very popular. These are usually brought through from spirit as a way to heal from emotions or problems that stem from past lives and these Readings are very healing and can help the client to move on.

In May 2012 I started developing my Magickal Light Creations (now called Magickal Star Creations), of which, my Mystickal Jewels (Crystal Jewellery of a spiritual nature), was brought into my business in June 2012. This Jewellery is infused lovingly with the energies of different Healing Systems and Spiritual energies, to bring comfort, healing and a connection to the higher realms to the wearer. It has been really popular with my clients.  Although I taught myself how to make Jewellery, in December 2012, I also completed a course with Cheralyn Darcey called Creating Found Treasure Talismans, where I learned how to make beautiful Jewellery Pendants. I am currently studying some jewellery making courses with the Centre of Excellence.  

In August 2012, I completed a course with Natasha Heard of Blessed Branches, where I learned how to make Magical Tools, such as Wands, Sceptres, Staves and Smudging Fans. I really enjoyed making my Wands of Enchantment for personal use and in the future, I will start to make them again and offer them through my business. My wands are made with fallen tree branches, crystals, ribbons, threads, clay, beads, pendants, glitter and other wonderful things and they can be used for Meditation, Channelling work or Healing work. I hope to add my Crystal Treasures, Wind Whisperers (Wind Chimes), Dream Enhancers (Dream Catchers), Sun Sparklers (Sun Catchers), Starlight Gift Sets, Cosmic Bliss Spiritual Art and Heavenly Sent Greetings (Spiritual Greetings cards) to my business in the coming months and years.

In September 2014, I started studying Mind Therapies to help me heal my mind and emotions after going through a few traumatic events earlier in the year. I started with studying an Introduction to Counselling class at College, which I really loved and it helped me so much. I also met some amazing friends there. I then went on to study a Children's Behaviour course to help me support my children . Then, from January until May 2015 I studied a class in Counselling Skills at college, which was amazing. Learning about Mind Therapies helped me to heal many emotions in my personal life and become stronger and I am now studying many different types of Mind Therapies courses at some online colleges, to continue to help me to grow and also so that I can then go on to help my clients to grow more too.

I am also studying other Spiritual, Healing, Complementary Therapy and Crafting courses which I will be using for both personal use and to help me to expand my business over the coming years. My personal Spiritual, Healing, Health and Creative journey is still underway and always will be, as I am forever learning, growing, clearing and healing myself. I am loving every minute of it and enjoying the new experiences that are coming into my life. I am thrilled that I can help to heal myself and I wish others to know that they can heal themselves too. If I can help people to be more peaceful, happy, confident, strong, joyful, healthy and motivated through my work, then this makes everything that I do worthwhile.

I hope you have enjoyed finding out more about me and I look forward to working with you, if you feel guided to work with me. May you always walk your path with happiness and peace!

Love and Light,


xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx <3

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