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Healing & Therapy Sessions

Hi, I'm Catherine and I have been doing my Healing & Therapy sessions for 23 years now.  


Here you will find all the different types of sessions that I offer.  You can choose from a 30 minute session or a 60 minute session.  Your Healing/Therapy session will be sent to you distantly, while you relax in the comfort of your home, or wherever you choose to be.  After your session, I will send you around a paragraph of information by e-mail, telling you how your session went.

All of my Healing/Therapy sessions are now HALF PRICE, in my spring sale!

Please view my Healing & Therapies Page here if you would like to find out more about my Healings and Therapies before you book through the listings below.


I look forward to doing a Healing/Therapy session for you!  Thankyou.  Love, Catherine xxx

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