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Hi, I'm Catherine, from Scotland, UK.  I have been doing my Spiritual Readings for 24 years now, and it is my passion!

Here you will find a wide range of e-mailed Readings for you to choose from.  These are channelled/intuitive Readings from your spiritual team, to help you along your path of light.  When you book a Reading with me, I will lovingly type your Reading up for you and send it to you as a pdf file that I will send to your email address, within 14 days of your booking.


Please view my Readings Page here if you would like to find out more about my Readings and how they work, before you book through the Store listings below.

All of my Readings are currently HALF PRICE, in my spring sale, for a limited time only!

I look forward to doing a Reading for you and helping you!  Thankyou!  Love, Catherine xxx

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