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Magickal Star Creations

My Magickal Star Creations consist of the following:

Mystickal Jewels (Spiritual/Crystal Jewellery, Serenity Beads and Bookmarks containing spiritual & healing energies)

Crystal Treasures (Crystals and Crystal Kits)

Wind Whisperers (Wind Chimes)

Dream Enhancers (Dream Catchers)

Sun Sparklers (Sun Catchers)

Starlight Gift Sets

Wands of Enchantment (Wands, Sceptres, Staves and Smudging Fans)

Cosmic Bliss Spiritual Art

Heavenly Sent Greetings (Greetings Cards and Bookmarks)

Scented Garden Products (Natural Creams, Herbs, Oils, Sprays and Flower Essences)

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