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Message from Archangel Michael 08/05/2024

💙 Message from Archangel Michael - 08/05/2024 💙

"Greetings, greetings, beloved souls. I am here today to share with you a message of joy. All around the world, lightworkers have been meditating together and doing ceremonies to help light up the ley lines of the planet, and this has been very successful. As well as those who have been working on healing the earth, there are also those of you who have been directly supporting our loved ones on the earth who have been going through a period of adjustment, and who needed some extra help. This is wonderful to see such love and blessings being poured to those who need them, and we angels are also adding our help and support too, to everyone who has called on us for help. Remember, we can only help you if you ask us, as you have free will.

When you connect with us, we will work for your highest good only, and we will work with you on a high level. You might not be able to see us, but know that we are with you. Perhaps you might be able to feel our energy around you, or see the signs that we have given to you. We love you so very much indeed.

We are very proud of the beloved lightworker team on the earth plane, and we would like to say that you are all doing a marvellous job in raising the frequency and vibration of the planet to astounding levels. It is much more than we had anticipated, so keep up the great work, warrior souls. You are doing a great job!

To anyone who feels that they need some further assistance from us, do not worry, for we are here to help you in any way that we can. We love you, and our job is to keep you safe, nurtured and in high vibration. We are with you always, even in your darkest hour. We will help you to see the light, if you ask us to. You only have to think of us in your mind and we can assist you in the best way that we can. Our love goes out to all of you, and we wish you a blessed day."

Channelled by Catherine Craig of Angelic Light 💜

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