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Message from Archangel Michael 06/05/2024

💙 Message from Archangel Michael - 06/05/2024 💙

"Beloved Ones, it is time for you to go into your heart space, and centre yourself, so that you can become calm once more. Breathe deeply into the centre of your being, allowing the light from Source to touch you and being you peace.

There is no use fretting and worrying about this or that. Just BE. Relax and know that you are blessed in many ways, and that you will achieve that which you desire. You are ready to progress on your pathway to new beginnings. The old is falling away from you now, so let go of that which no longer serves you, for you have no need for it any more. It is only taking up room that can be used for better things.

Rise now, dear Ones, and take your place on the podium of light! You are ready now to rise to greater levels of light. This is a time of transformation on the planet, where you are much needed. Your light shines more brightly than before, and when you add your light to the pool of light from other lightworkers, you really can make a difference in this world. Join together with like-minded beings of light who only have your best interests at heart.

You are safe, dear Ones. I am with you, protecting you from harm. Call on me for help and protection whenever you wish. I am here in service to the light and in service to you. Many blessings are being poured upon you now, if you agree to this. My love is with you all."

Channelled by Catherine Craig of Angelic Light

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