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Message from Mother Mary 15/12/2021

Updated: Feb 19

*Message from Mother Mary* ~ “Greetings, beloved Ones. I feel honoured to be here in front of you all today. I am here with a Christmas message for you, which is designed to bring you peace and joy at this time of the year. This season of goodwill is meant to be a happy time, but it has been tainted by those who wish to send a cloud over the Christ light that is being beamed to you all. Know that you can remove this cloud of energy, so that the Christ light can shine, unimpeded. Nothing can block the light, no matter how hard some people may try to. If you feel any energy around you that feels like a dense cloud, then ask for it to be removed.”

“Say “I ask Mother Mary, the Divine Mother, to remove any energy that is around me which is not for my highest and greatest good. I am powerful and Divine in my own right, and I ask that I be cleared of all that is not for my highest good. I ask that the Christ light energy flows to me unimpeded, so that my being is lit up from within. I ask that this light cleans and clears my auric field, so that I can be a shining light for others. I ask under Divine Grace that I be a clear channel for God and the Angels of the higher light to work through me, so that I may raise the light on the planet, and help as many people as I can to also raise their light to the highest vibrations possible at this time. Thankyou.”

“We ask you not to be too concerned with what is going on around you at this time. It is time to switch off the news channels, and instead, tune into the spiritual channels which bring you the most joy. When you become unattached to the drama, and sit in your own light and grace, this is where you will find the most healing, and the most joy. When you go inside yourself, this is when you will find the greatest and most golden treasure. Yes! For you are a joy to behold, precious One. You are a child of the Light, and you must never forget this. Never forget why you have come to the Earth at this time. You are on a mission, and you are here to be of service to others. But you must also help yourself too, for you are important. Keep your vibrations high and let go of the lower energies, so that you can be a beacon for those who are lost. Once you find yourself and plug into the Christ light, you will notice that people are drawn to you. Perhaps they need some assistance from you, or perhaps you can guide them to someone who can help them with that which they seek.”

“I, and the other Masters of Light are helping the beings of Earth at this time, and we are here for any of you who wish to receive any extra assistance or light. Please call on us if you need to. We are always in service to you, dear Ones, as are all of the Earth Angels who are currently incarnated upon the Earth plane. Namaste, beautiful Ones, and never forget who you are.”

Channelled by Catherine Craig on 15/12/2021

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