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Message from Archangel Michael

*Message from Archangel Michael* ~ "Go gently, dearest Ones, for this time of great change seems to be draining for some. However, know that your light shines brightly in the darkness, and your clarion call for help has been answered. You are safe and you are loved deeply, dear Ones. Know that this time of great change is needed, for it will bring through much light, even though you cannot truly see it yet. You may see glimpses of it, which come and go, but know that over the coming months, this light will grow stronger, and as more and more people add their light, this pool of light will be available for everyone to see clearly."

"Do not give up, nor give in, for you are much needed upon this earth plane. Instead, wake up and shine your light. Those around you may not always hear you, or see you, but know that you are planting a seed, which will grow when the time is right."

"The time is now, dear Ones. Go forth and be brave, so that others coming behind you have a smoother path ahead of them. Know your worth and know that you are mighty and strong."

"Nothing can bring down the light of the world. Let it grow and let it shine on you. Absorb it, deep into your bones, and then spread this light all around you, into everyone that you meet. Those who are ready for this light will recognise it and they will respond to it. Those who are not ready for it will not, but this is ok, as they may be on a different path from you at this time. Perhaps at a later date, they will accept it."

"Know that all is well, and that every person on the earth is responding in their own way to what is going on around them. Each person is free to do what they feel is best for themselves. So, let them be free, for that is their right, just as it is your right to be free in your own way."

"Remember, dear Ones, you are all One and the same, but your differences are what make you unique. Help each other, no matter what your beliefs are. Be strong and unite together, as one huge beating heartbeat. Pulse the light of the world all around you. Create beautiful shapes with your light. Be strong, be unique and just be love. For you are love, each and every one of you. My blessings are with you all, dearest Ones."

Channelled by Catherine Craig on 14/12/2021

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