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This offer has now closed. The two people to receive the Readings are Nahanni Faith Hartwood and Lynne Smith - Congratulations! Here are your Readings:

Nahanni Faith Hartwood: The Spirit Guide who has come forward for you this evening is a Native American man with the name of Running Bull. He is around 57 years old and he has long dark hair which tied back, a rugged face and brown eyes. He is of medium height and build. He wears the colour red and he has an Eagle with him. He also holds a spear and he wears some brown animal fur over his shoulder. His message for you is “Hold your head up high and be proud of all you have achieved in your short years. You have done so much, working until all hours of the day and night. Your work with others has brought you to a higher level than before, and this is so wonderful to see. Keep on moving along in groups and let your friendships grow naturally. Know that the more you learn, the more you will teach at a later date, for you are a natural teacher and your Wolf Guide is with you a lot to help you with this. Although you may have times in your life where you feel blocked or stifled, this will pass and you will always find the time to do your spiritual work at a certain level. In the future, you will have more time to dedicate to your work, so never worry about this, for all will be well and you will be guided along the way. You will go out into the community more as the years go on, as you release your fears and are ready to mingle once more with others that are on the same path as you. This is something for you to look forward to and it will bring you much abundance. You are ready now to take your Readings to a new and higher level, so embrace this and enjoy the new energies that come to you to be channelled. We would like you to embrace your mediumistic abilities and move forth with this as soon as you can, for you will help a lot of people who are grieving. We wish you well and send you many blessings along the way. Be strong and proud and you will never go wrong.”

Lynne Smith: The Spirit Guide coming forward for you is an Oriental lady who has connections with Quan Yin. Her name is Aeaun Keui (sounds like Oan Kuai). Her message for you is “Your loving ways attract many beings of light around you, who want to work with you. As you are a natural medium, you are ready to connect with these beautiful beings, however, you must not take on too many energies at once, so that you do not become drained. It is wiser for you to connect with only one or two energies at a time, so as to conserve your energies and keep your messages clear. If you want to know more about doing mediumship, then take a class, so that you are prepared deeply for this work. You are an avid channeller and one who works with angels on a deep level. This is part of your life purpose and life path and it is something that will bring you great joy and delight as you step forward into your power as a master. You are ready now to take centre stage and teach others about spirituality. As you learn and grow yourself, you will have more to show to others and this is something you will love, as you enjoy sharing what you have learned with other people. You have a strong urge to work with animals and this is wonderful. You will go far with this and Animal Healing is one skill that you will develop more fully. You must believe in yourself more, for you are better than you think you are. You always seem to think others are better than you, but you are all on the same level; only growing on different paths. You mustn’t compare yourself to others; rejoice in your uniqueness and allow yourself to grow at your own pace. You are very loveable indeed, so continue to be the wonderful person you are. With love.”

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