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Past Life Reading by email

💜 Past Life Reading 💜 - would you like to receive information about your past lives? If so, why not book a channelled Reading with me!

With this type of Reading, I will tune into one (or more) of your past lives to give you clarity, guidance and help. You will be shown where your past life was, the approximate time period of the life, what you looked like, if you were male or female and what you did in the life, eg what career you had, your hobbies, or your family life.

You may also be shown what you need to clear from the life, so if you wish, there is a healing ceremony/clearing that can be added on to your Reading, which will be done for each past life that comes up, if you ask me to. This is done with the help of your higher self, your guides, Mother/Father Source, The Holy Spirit light, Sananda (Jesus) and the Angels. This ceremony will help you to release any negative cords, webs, trauma, lower energies, attachments, entities or etheric weapons you still have connected to you from the past life. If you have left behind any parts of your soul in the past life out of fear, these will be cleansed with the Holy Spirit light and then brought back to you to be re-integrated into yourself. Any cell memory relating to any lower energies from the past life will be cleared using the Holy Spirit light. After the clearing, you will be given a short energy boost with the Holy Spirit light along with healing from the Angels and myself. The clearing will only commence once you receive and read the Reading and healing ceremony that I type up for you and when you give your permission for it to happen. It can be quite powerful, so resting afterwards is a good idea, as well as eating healthily and drinking lots of water. This ceremony is included free as part of your purchased Reading. If you choose to have the healing ceremony/clearing done along with the past life information, please note that the life that comes up for you may be traumatic (not always), since it is coming up for healing. If so, I will help you through this. It is important to release the past so that we can move on in this life and live happily in the present moment. Some people may have illnesses, fears, phobias etc. that may have been brought into this life from a previous life. The healing ceremony/clearing may help to release the energies associated with these. I am here to help, and you will have my full support by e-mail. You must tell me if you want to have the healing ceremony/clearing done, as it is a free extra that can be added onto the Reading if you wish. If you do not ask me to do it, I will only do the Reading for you without the healing ceremony/clearing. So, please let me know when you book your Reading if you would like just the Past Life Reading, or the Past Life Reading with the Healing and Clearing Ceremony.

My Readings come in 5 sizes - Mini, 1 page, 2 page, 3 page and 4 page.

Your Reading will be sent to your email address as a pdf file, usually around 10 days after you have booked it.

🌈 Price/Energy Exchange: all of my Readings are currently On Sale and my prices start at only £8 for a Mini Reading!

If you would like to explore booking a Reading with me, please see the following link:

I look forward to working with you! Love and hugs, Catherine xxx

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