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Spiritual Readings by email

💜 Spiritual Readings by email 💜 - would you love to receive spiritual guidance to help you find some clarity on your path? Would you love to find out which angels and guides are working with you? Or would you love to hear from your loved ones in spirit? If so, why not book a channelled Reading by e-mail with me!

The types of Readings I offer are as follows:

🔮 Angel & Ascension

🔮 Colour & Crystal

🔮 Magickal

🔮 Nature

🔮 Past Life

🔮 Spirit (Mediumship)

🔮 Spirit Guide

Some things I can help you with and that you can ask me about include the following: romance/love, career/ basic finances/abundance, general health (but not medical), your energy system/chakras/aura, colour therapy, life purpose/life path, spiritual growth/ascension, past lives, family life, who is around you (angels, guides, nature spirits, beings of light, departed loved ones), plants/herbs, crystal therapy, animal communication and magickal work.

Readings are "for spiritual and entertainment purposes only and have not been scientifically proven." You must be 18 years old to receive a Reading from me.

🌈 Price/Energy Exchange:

  • Mini Reading - £12

  • 1 page Reading - £22

  • 2 page Reading - £42

  • 3 page Reading - £62

  • 4 page Reading - £82

To book a Reading with me, please see my website

I look forward to helping you along your path of light!

Love and hugs, Catherine xxx 💜

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