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I am delighted to announce that Magickal Light Creations has now been officially launched

I am now offering hand-made Mystickal Jewels, which consist of Earrings, Necklaces, Bracelets, Anklets, Serenity Beads, Mobile Phone Charms, Keyrings/Bag Charms and Bookmarks made from gemstones, beads and charms. They are all infused with different types of healing system energies.

I am also offering Wands of Enchantment, which consist of Wands, Sceptres, Staves and Smudging Fans made from wood, gemstones, shells, pebbles, beads, charms, feathers, ribbons and threads. They are all infused with different types of healing system energies.

My Crystal Treasures (Crystals/Crystal Wands/Crystal Sets/ Spell Bags/Crystal Ornaments), Wind Whisperers (Hanging Windchimes/Mobiles/​Dreamcatchers/Suncatchers), Spiritual Art & Heavenly Sent Greetings (Cards/Bookmarks) will be available over the next few months through my Website as I make them. I am so excited about this new journey that I am on and all the new projects that I am exploring. I am still offering my Readings, Healing Sessions, Therapies & Attunement Courses as normal, but I am now offering my new Creations too. I hope you enjoy them!

Lots of Love, Catherine xxx

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