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Services offered and new payment methods now available

The services and products available to purchase in my Store are:

  • Readings by e-mail

  • distance Healing/Therapy Sessions

  • distance learning Reiki/Angel/Energy Healing Courses

  • Magickal Light Creations (Mystickal Jewels and Gift Boxes coming soon)

  • pre-loved books (coming soon)

Payment details: I accept payment through Paypal, Debit and Credit card, Google Pay and Apple Pay.  If you are unable to use the WebStore payment system for any reason, please e-mail me to request a Paypal invoice, which I will then e-mail to you. 


Please feel free to use the Coupon Code SALE10 to get 10% off any items in my WebStore!

Here is the link to my WebStore.

My Readings are also available in my new Etsy Shop, here.

Love, Catherine xxx

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