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Angel & Ascension Reading by email

💜 Angel & Ascension Reading 💜 - would you like to hear from your angels, or from the ascended masters who work with you, and receive support and help from them? If so, why not treat yourself to a channelled Reading from me!

With this type of Reading, you will receive loving and inspirational, high vibrational channelled guidance from the angels, archangels or ascended masters, and I will let you know which ones are working with you at the present time. They can give you advice about your life, and answer any questions that you have asked. Working with the angels can be very healing, uplifting and beautiful!

My Readings come in 5 sizes - Mini, 1 page, 2 page, 3 page and 4 page.

🌈 Price/Energy Exchange: all of my Readings are currently On Sale and my prices start at only £8 for a Mini Reading!

Your Reading will be sent to your email address as a pdf file, usually around 10 days after you have booked it.

If you would like to explore booking an Angel & Ascension Reading with me, please see the following link:

I look forward to working with you and helping you! Love and hugs, Catherine xxx

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