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Wands of Enchantment

Years ago, I completed a course with Natasha Heard of Blessed Branches to learn how to make Magical tools and I will soon be offering Wands of Enchantment for sale, which will include Wands, Sceptres, Staves and Smudge Fans. They will only be available for purchase in the UK. I will not be taking any custom orders for my wands, as each piece I make will be unique. I will sell them in my Web Store once I have made them.

Here are some Sceptres I have made for myself so far:

SEA GODDESS SCEPTRE (not for sale)

This is my first ever Wand of Enchantment. She is made with a long slim piece of driftwood with an Aqua Aura crystal tip, turquoise ribbons, blue/pale green embroidery thread, a mermaid charm, turquoise feathers, turquoise bells, amazonite chips & dolphin charm "bracelet" around the bottom, a few "bling" gems in pearl, blue and pale green and a seashell. She is filled with the energies of Lightworker Friends of the Sea Empowerment.

WITCH'S BROOM SCEPTRE (not for sale)

This is my second Wand of Enchantment. She is made with a long piece of driftwood, a Smoky Quartz crystal point, black ribbons and cords, red thread, feathers, a Witch's Broom charm, a Pentacle charm on a Red Malaysian Jade and Black Onyx bracelet, a black powerstone and a broom made from black cord. She is infused with the energies of Magic Reiki. Although she is a Witch Sceptre, she also has a Shamanic feel to her :)


This is my third Wand of Enchantment. She is made from a large sturdy piece of driftwood, a large Clear Quartz point, a small Clear Quartz point power stone, white feathers, an Angel wings/heart charm, white ribbon, pearl ribbon, white thread, pearl stick ons and a bracelet made from 8mm White Howlite beads, 8mm Clear glass beads and an Archangel charm. It is infused with the energies of the Lightworker Gabriel Archangelic Link as well as the Feathers of an Angel system. It also has a beautiful natural star at the bottom :-)

I will be making more Wands of Enchantment soon, so please keep an eye out for more of my creations :)

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