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Vibration of Sound

Tibetan Singing Bowls

Tibetan singing bowls are usually made of 7 sacred metals, but not always. The 7 metals relate to 7 known planets: gold is the sun, silver is the moon, mercury is mercury, copper is venus, iron is mars, tin is jupiter and lead is saturn. Legend has it that the iron comes from meteorites found in the Himalayan mountaintops, which is metal from the heavens. Hot metal was poured onto a flat stone, and when cool it was beaten into the shape of a bowl. There is nothing written about the bowls in the Tibetan Buddhist canon. Some people say it is forbidden within the monasteries to talk about the bowls. The highest Lamas use them in ritual to travel to other worlds and dimensions.

The bowls are used with a stick called a mallet which can be made of wood, leather, suede, felt or rubber. 

The bowl is placed on the hand, and the stick held in the opposite hand. The stick is rubbed around the bowl to create a resonant tone, which can be used for vibrational healing of the aura, chakras and even the physical organs. If the bowl is big, it can be placed on a bowl cushion or ring on the floor.

The bowls come in many sizes and can be hand made or machine made. Some are plain and some are ornamental, with symbols on them.

It is said that the bowls originate in the pre-buddhist shamanic Bon Po culture of the Himalayas. The bowl culture dates back to a bronze age in China 3,000 years ago and extended to Burma and Indo-China. 

The client can be lying on the floor, and a grid made of singing bowls can be placed around them, with the therapist keeping all the bowls singing at regular intervals. This is very intense.

The client can also be on a therapy table, with one bowl at the head, one at the feet, and one in the therapist's hand. The therapist would ping the bowls and then make them sing, guiding the bowl in her hand to where it is most needed. 

Crystals can be placed in the bowls, to send crystal energy out to the client or the room. Crystals can also be cleansed in this way.

The voice can be sent into the bowls also, as can Reiki healing energy, or any other type of healing energy.

Other natural elements can be placed in the bowls, such as sand, water, incense or whatever you feel guided to use.

These bowls are great healing tools. They are also great for cleansing rooms. This is handy before and after a therapy session to clear the therapy room.


Tingshaws are two pieces of disc shaped metal attached to a cord, which look like scales or cymbals. They are often used by buddhists and shamens, and like the tibetan singing bowls, they are usually made from 7 metals, but not always.

To use a tingshaw, sound it and listen to how it resonates and how it ends.

You can space clear your rooms by using a tingshaw in each corner of the rooms. 

You can also use a tingshaw in meditation, at the beginning or end, by sounding it gently once or twice.

To make the sound there is a few things you can try:

For a loud penetrating sound tap at right angles. This is a cleansing energy.

For an energising energy, hold the cymbals one above the other and gently drop one on top of the other.

 For a soft, light, balancing energy, dangle horizontally with the sides gently tapping each other.

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