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Healing & Therapy Sessions (In-person)

* Please note that in-person Therapies are not currently available at this time. *

I offer many different types of Healing & Therapy Sessions from Angel Grove Therapy Room in Hamilton, South Lanarkshire, Scotland, UK. These sessions last for 1 hour and they will leave you feeling calm, relaxed and comforted.  

At the beginning of your session I will give you a small consultation to find out your specific needs and to plan out which treatment will be best for you. I am also happy to offer you basic Nutritional Advice during your consultation, if you require it. After your consultation, you will be asked to lie on a therapy bed with a blanket over you. I will play relaxing music during your session, if you wish, to enhance the therapy (except for Past Life Therapy). Water will be provided after your session and I will make sure you are fully grounded when your session finishes and before you leave the therapy room.

Aftercare Advice: After you have had your treatment, you should feel nice and relaxed and happy. However, you might experience some cleansing symptoms, where you may feel a little worse before you get better. Not everyone feels like this, but it is something to be aware of, just in case. You may feel emotional, need to go to the toilet more, be thirsty, feel sleepy, irritable, feel nauseous, have a headache, feel a bit dizzy or spacey or have a runny nose. Know that these feelings will pass, and that they are completely normal. They are just your body's way of clearing out the old energies so that you will feel better. These symptoms, if you get them, may last for around 1-3 days. During this time, it would help if you drink lots of water, eat light water filled foods such as raw fruit, salads and vegetables, avoid alcohol, cut back on unhealthy foods/drinks, have a nice relaxing bath and rest when you need to.

I am happy to treat children under the age of 18 for Energy Healing treatments, Aromatherapy Massage and Thermal Auricular Therapy, as long as I have the parent or carer's written permission and they stay with the child during the full session. However, I do not offer Past Life Therapy for children.

Please note, I am not medically qualified and I cannot diagnose. Please consult a healthcare professional if you have any serious illnesses or psychiatric problems. Therapies are complementary and are not a substitute for medical care, but rather, they work alongside it. Please read the contra-indications on each therapy incase you have any illnesses that may not allow you to have a specific treatment. In some cases, advice from your doctor may be required before a treatment can be carried out.

Here are the types of Healing & Therapy Sessions I offer:

Angel & Ascension Therapy:

With this Therapy Session, you will receive a heart-based and compassionate healing and clearing, using a few different types of Angel & Ascension energy healing systems, as well as the energies of the Angels, Archangels, guides and beings from the cosmic and ascended realms. This is a beautiful healing session that will leave you feeling relaxed, calm and fully supported by the Angels and Masters.

Aromatherapy Massage (ladies only):

With this Therapy Session, you will receive a soothing, relaxing full body massage using luxurious essential oils. The aim of this lovely massage is to produce a physical, spiritual, emotional and mental sense of well being through the inhalation and massage of the essential oils. The essential oils I will use for you are derived from plants and trees and will be chosen for their therapeutic and medicinal qualities, which will be stimulating, refreshing or sedative.

The Treatment:

You will lie on a comfy therapy bed, covered by towels to keep warm. I will massage your back, the back of your legs, the front of your legs, your feet, abdomen, your shoulders, arms, hands, neck, face and scalp with a lovely blend of carrier oil and glorious essential oils that I will make up for you, to suit your needs. This treatment will leave you feel relaxed, soothed, pampered and revitalised.

The Benefits of Aromatherapy Massage:

~ Circulation will be improved

~ The skin will be nourished by the essential oils and carrier oil

~ The nervous system and the muscular system will be relaxed

~ Achy bones and joints may be eased

~ Toxins will be removed from the body

~ You will feel relaxed, pampered and rejuvinated

~ Unwanted emotions, stress and anxiety will be relieved

~ Sleep may be improved

~ Digestion may be improved

~ The body's energy systems will be cleansed and healing may take place

~ Your mind will be calm and relaxed and you will feel happier

~ Physical complaints may be eased

~ Breathing may improve

~ Headaches and migraines may be relieved

~ The immune system will be boosted

Contraindications to Treatment:

~ Disorders of the nervous system (ie multiple sclerosis, Parkinson's disease, cerebral palsy, trigeminal neuralgia) - consult with your doctor before having a treatment.

~ Serious medical conditions (ie cancer, diabetes, thrombosis, heart conditions) - consult with your doctor before having a treatment.

~ High temperature/fever/heavy cold - avoid treatment.

~ Under the influence of alcohol or drugs - avoid treatment.

~ Bruising, open cuts or abrasions, sunburn, eczema, psoriasis, acne, skin problems - these areas can be avoided during the massage.

~ High or Low Blood Pressure - you can still have treatment, as I will only use oils that are safe for you. However, you can consult your doctor before treatment if you wish, just to make sure you are suitable for this type of massage.

~ Pregnant women in the first 12 weeks should avoid receiving any treatment, however after this time the massage will be beneficial.

~ Special care will be taken with clients suffering from asthma, allergies, skin intolerances, epilepsy, diabetes and any other medical condition.

If you are in any doubt at all, or under medical supervision, please check with your doctor before booking a treatment with me.

Colour Therapy:

With this Therapy Session, you will receive an enlightening healing and clearing, using the energies of colour and light to heal your chakras, auric field, meridians, mind, body and soul, using a few different types of Colour energy healing systems, as well as the energies of the Angels of Colour and some of the following: colour meditation/visualisation, colour breathing, coloured light box (for irradiation), colour scarves, colour ribbons, crystals, colour essential oil bottles, colour cards, solarised water, art therapy and sound therapy. If you wish, you can also ask to receive colour therapy advice on house decoration, clothing and nutrition.

Crystal Therapy:

With this Therapy Session, you will receive a deep healing and clearing, using a few different types of Crystal energy healing systems, as well as the energies of the Crystal Devas, Crystal Angels and the energies of physical and etheric Crystals and Gemstones. This is a wonderful vibrational energy therapy that involves laying on of stones (crystals and gemstones) and laying on of hands to bring about the healing of mind, body and spirit, as well as the release of blockages. I use the Melody "Love Is In The Earth" method of Crystal Therapy as well as other methods. The crystals and the energy that is channelled from the crystal kingdom will balance and cleanse your chakras, auric field and meridians, as well as your physical body. I also use crystal wands and a pendulum in my sessions and I like to use my Crystal Skulls and the energies of etheric crystal skulls too.

Nutritional Therapy

With this Therapy, you will receive basic Nutritional Advice alongside my other in-person Therapies, during your consultation, if required.

Past Life Therapy

With this Therapy Session, you will be guided safely into one of your Past Lives, using Hypnotherapy. The session will be recorded for you.

Reiki Healing:

With this Healing Session, you will receive a relaxing and comforting healing and clearing, using a few different types of Reiki energy healing systems, including Usui Reiki, a japanese healing system which is the most common type of Reiki. Reiki is from Source and it is the energy that is all around us and within us; also called chi energy or prana. Reiki energy can help to heal your mind, body and spirit of past hurts, emotions, blockages, physical pain, and trauma and it can also give you an energy boost, allowing you to feel revitalised as well as relaxed, balanced and happy. It clears and heals your auric field and chakras, as well as the physical body. It can help you to move on in your life if you are feeling stuck. Reiki energy can change your life for the better.

Seichim/Egyptian Healing:

With this Healing Session, you will receive a relaxing, yet rejuvinating healing and clearing, using a few different types of Seichim and Egyptian energy healing systems, as well as the energies from the spiritual beings connected to Seichim and Ancient Egypt, such as Goddess Isis and Goddess Sekhmet, Green Tara, Maha Kali and the Angels. Seichim and Egyptian energies are powerful, magical and high frequency and they work on a deep level. Seichim is pure living light energy, which was used in ancient Egypt and was re-discovered by Patrick Zeigler. These wonderful energies can help you to release blockages, toxins, traumas, past upsets, hurt emotions and illness. They heal on a cellular level to harmonise and transform your energy vibrations, which in turn allow your physical body to heal itself.

Thermal Auricular Therapy (Hopi Ear Candling)

With this Therapy, Hopi Ear Candles will be used to heal and clear the channels of the ear. A face, ear and neck massage with relaxing oils will be included.

History of Hopi Ear Candling:

Candles have always had a place in ceremony for relaxing and focusing participants for something special. Hopi Ear candles are no exception. Hopi Ear Candling is a natural and an age-old method of healing and cleansing, used most notably by the Indigenous Peoples of North and South America. They are seen in the ancient wall paintings of the Grand Canyon where they are an important part of the preparations for ceremony, ritual and healing. The practise of Ear Candling has also been found in Egypt, where hollow reeds were used, in Siberia and Asia, and it appears to have a long and broad history.

The Native Americans prepare themselves before spiritual ceremonies using the candles to cleanse and clear negativity. The smoke of a singed 'Smudge stick' - a bundle of dried herbs such as sage, is also used to clear negativity. The Hopi are deeply spiritual people with a great knowledge of herbal medicine and they now share their tradition with us.

The Candles:

I use BIOSUN candles, which are still made by hand today using the traditional recipe and the finest regularly tested ingredients. Premium quality, untreated cotton is used with pure beeswax, honey extract and traditional herbs such as Sage, St John's wort, Chamomile and pure essential oils. For vegans, I can order some vegan ear candles for you. Please let me know in advance if you would prefer the vegan candles.

The Treatment:

You will lie on a comfy therapy bed, on your side, covered in a blanket, and the 'candle', which is actually a long hollow tube, will be lit at one end - the unlit end will be gently placed in one of your ears. This should not hurt. A light vacuum or suction will be created as the candle burns, which will enable your ear to be cleansed and cleared. The treatment is very relaxing and it is very safe as I will hold the candle at all times, and a protective disc will be on the bottom of the candle to protect your face. Both ears will be treated, one after the other. I will play relaxing music throughout your session and water will be provided during and after your treatment.

After the candling, you will lie on your back on the therapy bed and recieve a soothing face, ear and neck massage with massage oil.

The sensation of receiving the Hopi Candling is very comforting, and the whispering, slightly crackling sound of the flame will gently massage your ear and your senses. A gentle and very pleasant warmth is felt there. My hands holding the candle at all times will also warm, heal and protect the area. The treatment is very safe.

A wonderful clarity and lightness is often felt after a treatment, much like having an internal dust and spring clean. Not only will your ear chakras be cleared, but your physical ears and sinuses will feel clearer too. After the treatment and for a few days, you might have some ear wax come out of your ear. This is normal and just part of the cleansing process. Hopi Ear Candling is a very pleasant alternative to ear syringing.

The Benefits of Hopi Ear Candling:

 ~ Hearing, taste and smell may be improved

~ Excessive earwax and debris may be loosened

~ Pressure in the ears, sinuses and forehead may be relieved

~ It promotes lymphatic circulation

~ Sinuses may be cleared

~ Headaches and Migraines may be relieved

~ Tinnitus or ringing sounds may be reduced

~ Ear pain may be reduced

~ Equilibrium in the ear is restored (good for frequent flying and sports, such as diving and swimming).

~ Ear candida may be cleared

~ Stress and stress related symptoms are minimised

~ A peaceful feeling will come over you

~ You will feel light, energised and happy

~ The throat, third eye, ear chakras and crown chakras will be cleared.

~ The immune system may be improved

~ Allergic conditions may be alleviated

Contraindications to Treatment:

~ Perforated ear drums (or have had perforation within the last 6 months) - avoid treatment.

~ Disorders of the nervous system (ie multiple sclerosis, Parkinson's disease, cerebral palsy, trigeminal neuralgia) - consult with your doctor before having a treatment.

~ Ear grommets, tubes or other drainage devices (must wait until 6 months after removal for healing to take place).

~ Cochlea implant (an external hearing aid is fine and can be removed before treatment).

~ When the outer ear is infected or inflamed or has eczema/dermatitis. Avoid treatment until it has cleared.

~ Bruising, open cuts or abrasions, sunburn - these areas can be avoided during the massage section.

~ If you are taking antibiotics or medication for an ear, nose or throat problem - avoid treatment until you are finished your course of medication.

~ High temperature/fever/heavy cold - avoid treatment.

~ Toothache/dental work - avoid treatment.

~ Oil in the ears - must wait 48 hours before treatment as if there is oil i the ear it could get very hot.

~ Allergies to any of the candle ingredients - avoid treatment.

~ Recent facial injury/operations/recent scar tissue - avoid treatment.

~ Recent head or neck injuries - avoid treatment.

~ Under the influence of alcohol or drugs - avoid treatment.

~ High or Low Blood Pressure - if you have low blood pressure, treatment can be carried out carefully, but be aware of possible dizziness afterwards. If you have high blood pressure, consult your doctor before treatment so they can monitor your medication and alter it if required. You may feel dizzy or light headed after treatment as massage is said to lower the blood pressure.

~ Inability to tilt the head - avoid treatment.

~ Epilepsy - caution is required due to the complexity of this condition and medical advice is recommended before treatment.

~ Infectious diseases or disorders (ie flu, mumps, measles TB, chickenpox) - avoid treatment.

~ Skin or scalp infections (ie impetigo, scablies, conjunctivitis, head lice, scalp ringworm, folliculitis) - avoid treatment.

~ Diarrhoea and vomiting - avoid treatment.

~ Mastoidectomy - avoid treatment.

~Small children who cannot lie still - either give shorter treatment time or avoid treatment.

~ Undiagnosed pain, cysts, lumps or swellings - avoid treatment in areas that are affected or avoid treatment.

~ Serious medical conditions (ie cancer, diabetes, thrombosis, heart conditions) - seek your doctor's advice before treatment.

If you are in any doubt at all, or under medical supervision, please check with your doctor before making an appointment.

Payment Details:

Once you have chosen which type of Healing/Therapy Session you would like from the choices above, you can then book your session through my Web Store. Once you have made your booking, please e-mail me to let me know what areas you would like me to focus your Healing/Therapy Session on and we can then arrange a date for your Healing/Therapy session.

If you have any problems paying through my WebStore, please e-mail me and I can send you a Paypal invoice.


60 minute Healing Session: £30

60 minute Therapy Session (Aromatherapy and Thermal Auricular Therapy): £35

I sometimes have Special Offers on my Healing & Therapy Sessions, so please be sure to check out my Web Store to see if there are any discounts currently available. I look forward to bringing you some beautiful healing and therapy sessions to help you along your path of light.

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