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Divine Dolphins - who are the dolphins?

Dolphins are master healers and keepers of the light upon Planet Earth. They are highly evolved omni-dimensional beings that live in the Oneness. Their role is similar to that of the angelic kingdom. They are here to watch over us, to help us and support us, and to guide us on our remembrance to radiant wholeness. Their love for humanity is profound. Like the angels, the dolphins' influence transcends time, space and physicality. It is not necessary to be in their physical presence to be healed by them and to receive their gifts.  Now, more than ever before, humanity as a whole is ready and willing to receive the profound gifts the dolphins have to share.

How the Dolphins can heal:

With their curious nature and trademark "smile" – formed by delicately curved jaws, dolphins have become the symbol of the friendly playmate of the sea. Indeed, some dolphins do seem to form special attachments with people, including disabled children who fail to respond other kinds of therapy.

Dolphins seem to have a healing touch. Some parents, in fact, say the chance to swim with captive dolphins has changed their child's life. Withdrawn autistic children, for instance, have responded to the marine mammals in remarkable ways - forging bonds that have proved difficult with human playmates. The idea, say psychologists familiar with the technique, is that the promise of swimming with such a large and fascinating creature provides an incentive to try different, and sometimes difficult, therapeutic tasks. One of the prime movers behind Dolphin Human Therapy, as it is known, is David Nathanson, a clinical psychologist living in Florida. In the late 1970s, he used the reward of swimming with dolphins to motivate children with Down's syndrome to learn.

He found that the children who worked with dolphins learned up to four times faster and remembered more of what they learned than those in conventional classroom settings. In the 1980s, "Dr. Dave," as he became known, organized a dolphin-assisted therapy program in the Florida Keys that eventually grew into a full-fledged centre in Key West. Since 1994, it has worked with children from over 37 states and 20 countries. While some researchers dispute the effectiveness of the program, others say the work with dolphins parallels the success of other animal therapy programs, which use everything from pet mice to racehorses to help people cope with problems in their lives.

Dolphin therapy can be prohibitively expensive. To address that problem, Nathanson and others are working on creating a "virtual dolphin experience," which recaptures the joy and freedom of swimming with the animals using video and computer technologies. If successful, virtual dolphins will eventually allow some children to get at least part of the thrill of the experience without leaving home.

The research group Aquathought has found that 80% of people who swim with dolphins have a change in brain wave patterns from beta to theta states of consciousness. This explains why many participants experience states of bliss, ecstasy, deep peace, and a sense of well-being.

Dolphin brains are always synchronized between left and right hemispheres. Human brains are not, but are found to become synchronized after swimming with dolphins. This phenomenon has been known to support altered states of consciousness, and even out of body experiences.

Dolphin sonar is 4 times more powerful than the ultrasound used in medical diagnostics. It is sometimes used to stun fish when feeding, and is thought to be able to alter cell structure.

It is believed that dolphins “see” holographically and so experience themselves as part of a whole, instead of the individuated identity that we have. That means they also see us in our wholeness.

With all these dynamics of mind, body, emotions, and spirit being potentially altered into states of expansion, it is easy to see why dolphin swims are life changing. If you factor in the effects of the ocean, sun, moon, other group members, and the fact that many intimate dolphin interactions happen in high energy places on the planet, you have a very potent brew in which to be immersed.

Dolphin Reiki is one way to obtain the healing qualities of the dolphins' energies, without having to go on a swim with them. Their energies are full of unconditional love and are great for healing the heart, bringing peace, helping us to be more playful, lifting depression and gifting us with joy.

Connect with the wonderful dolphins and see your life change for the better!

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