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I hope you enjoy these channelled messages I have brought through from spirit.

Message from Goddess Isis

*Message from Goddess Isis* ~ "It is the season to be jolly, so let go of any dark feelings that you are holding, and celebrate the light that is all around you. Know that you are safe and protected, and that you are a Child of the light. Although all around you may seem chaotic, if you look more closely, you will see you will see a lot of brightly shining, twinkling lights around you, which are the beings who are all around you, both in spirit and in physical form. You are all shining lights, so do not listen to those who do not believe in the health of the human body, and it's strength at overcoming obstacles thrown at it. The human body is a mighty vessel, which is full of light and wonder. Look after your body and treat it well, and it will give you good service in return. A good way to look after your body is to put good fuel into it, such as healthy foods and tonics. When you look to the plant kingdom, you will find all that you need there. For every disease on the planet, there is a plant that will cure it, or lessen it's symptoms. You only have to look and you will find one which matches any disease that you may have around you at this time. Know that along with a good diet, and plant medicine, you can also use spiritual healing, which is available freely to everyone. There are other options for you which will help you with your health, that you might like to explore."

"Use your gifts wisely, especially that of intuition, to find out what is best for your own health. There are those in the world who do not want you to use your own gifts to find out the healthiest healing techniques that you can use. So, be aware of this, but also, go with what you feel is best for your own healing. You are a sovereign being of light, and you must choose the best healing plan for yourself. It is your body, and no-one elses. So, do not let anyone tell you what to do; even me. You can listen to different opinions, but always listen to yourself and your own feelings, and choose your own path of healing. You are free, so enjoy your freedom, and do not let anyone tie you down or tell you what to do. In the spiritual realms, you are free to choose your path, and in the physical body, you are also free to choose your path. So, be brave and strong and stand in your own power and your own light. Be the master you are, and do not let anyone tell you who you should be, or try to get you to do something that you do not wish to do. As long as you work from your heart, and for the light, you are free to be the sovereign spirit that you came here to be. Rise up, glorious ones and embrace the light, which is powerful and strong at this time! I wish you all peace, freedom and joy this holiday season, and may the blessings of light be yours."

Channelled by Catherine Craig on 21/12/2021

Message from Mother Mary

*Message from Mother Mary* ~ “Greetings, beloved Ones. I feel honoured to be here in front of you all today. I am here with a Christmas message for you, which is designed to bring you peace and joy at this time of the year. This season of goodwill is meant to be a happy time, but it has been tainted by those who wish to send a cloud over the Christ light that is being beamed to you all. Know that you can remove this cloud of energy, so that the Christ light can shine, unimpeded. Nothing can block the light, no matter how hard some people may try to. If you feel any energy around you that feels like a dense cloud, then ask for it to be removed.”

“Say “I ask Mother Mary, the Divine Mother, to remove any energy that is around me which is not for my highest and greatest good. I am powerful and Divine in my own right, and I ask that I be cleared of all that is not for my highest good. I ask that the Christ light energy flows to me unimpeded, so that my being is lit up from within. I ask that this light cleans and clears my auric field, so that I can be a shining light for others. I ask under Divine Grace that I be a clear channel for God and the Angels of the higher light to work through me, so that I may raise the light on the planet, and help as many people as I can to also raise their light to the highest vibrations possible at this time. Thankyou.”

“We ask you not to be too concerned with what is going on around you at this time. It is time to switch off the news channels, and instead, tune into the spiritual channels which bring you the most joy. When you become unattached to the drama, and sit in your own light and grace, this is where you will find the most healing, and the most joy. When you go inside yourself, this is when you will find the greatest and most golden treasure. Yes! For you are a joy to behold, precious One. You are a child of the Light, and you must never forget this. Never forget why you have come to the Earth at this time. You are on a mission, and you are here to be of service to others. But you must also help yourself too, for you are important. Keep your vibrations high and let go of the lower energies, so that you can be a beacon for those who are lost. Once you find yourself and plug into the Christ light, you will notice that people are drawn to you. Perhaps they need some assistance from you, or perhaps you can guide them to someone who can help them with that which they seek.”

“I, and the other Masters of Light are helping the beings of Earth at this time, and we are here for any of you who wish to receive any extra assistance or light. Please call on us if you need to. We are always in service to you, dear Ones, as are all of the Earth Angels who are currently incarnated upon the Earth plane. Namaste, beautiful Ones, and never forget who you are.”

Channelled by Catherine Craig on 15/12/2021

Message from Archangel Michael

*Message from Archangel Michael* ~ "Go gently, dearest Ones, for this time of great change seems to be draining for some. However, know that your light shines brightly in the darkness, and your clarion call for help has been answered. You are safe and you are loved deeply, dear Ones. Know that this time of great change is needed, for it will bring through much light, even though you cannot truly see it yet. You may see glimpses of it, which come and go, but know that over the coming months, this light will grow stronger, and as more and more people add their light, this pool of light will be available for everyone to see clearly."

"Do not give up, nor give in, for you are much needed upon this earth plane. Instead, wake up and shine your light. Those around you may not always hear you, or see you, but know that you are planting a seed, which will grow when the time is right."

"The time is now, dear Ones. Go forth and be brave, so that others coming behind you have a smoother path ahead of them. Know your worth and know that you are mighty and strong."

"Nothing can bring down the light of the world. Let it grow and let it shine on you. Absorb it, deep into your bones, and then spread this light all around you, into everyone that you meet. Those who are ready for this light will recognise it and they will respond to it. Those who are not ready for it will not, but this is ok, as they may be on a different path from you at this time. Perhaps at a later date, they will accept it."

"Know that all is well, and that every person on the earth is responding in their own way to what is going on around them. Each person is free to do what they feel is best for themselves. So, let them be free, for that is their right, just as it is your right to be free in your own way."

"Remember, dear Ones, you are all One and the same, but your differences are what make you unique. Help each other, no matter what your beliefs are. Be strong and unite together, as one huge beating heartbeat. Pulse the light of the world all around you. Create beautiful shapes with your light. Be strong, be unique and just be love. For you are love, each and every one of you. My blessings are with you all, dearest Ones."

Channelled by Catherine Craig on 14/12/2021

Message From Jesus

"Go forth beloved ones and shine from your heart centre like never before. Do not let the energies of the world get you down. Rise up to be the best you can be. You are worth it. Be who you really are and do not compare yourself to others. Just be you and that will be enough, for you are the light of the world. Rise up, dear Ones and let your light shine forth for all to see. You have no need to hide, for you have the power deep within you to raise the energies around you. You are the light in the darkness and when you join up with other like-minded souls, you all become a unified beacon of light that nothing can extinguish. Rise now from the ashes, dear Ones. You are ready."

Message from Jesus/Lord Sananda - 27/03/21

Message from Goddess Sekhmet

Message from Goddess Sekhmet: "Good day to you all. I send you all my loving greetings and wishes for a beautiful day ahead. I am with you as the earth is ascending in all of her glory. She needs your help to stabilise herself, so please help her in your meditations, to become the strongest and most energised that she can be. You are depleting her with your greed and this must stop. Only take what you need for your existence and give back to her when you can, by planting new seeds and especially new trees. Only harvest what you need to survive and always give thanks and love to your earth mother for what she provides for you. This is all that she asks of you. Gratefulness is a gift and it will ensure that you will always have all of that which you need. I go now and I send you blessings to help you along your path. I go with love and forgiveness and I honour you all and the path in which you choose to walk."

Channelled by Catherine at Angelic Light on 4/3/2020 xxxx

Message from Lord Ashtar

Message from Lord Ashtar: "Greetings beloved children of the light. It is time for you to put down your swords and instead pick up your tools of light to help bring joy and compassion to this world. Remember who you are and take off the blinkers that have been put upon you. Go forth now and make this world a better place with your loving kindness. Explore the world in all its glory, but never forget who you are or what you came here to do. You all have a mission to do on this earth. You are all very important and are much revered by all of the spiritual kingdoms. Never forget who you are. It is time for you all to awaken now to the truth. Let the higher realms help you, but most importantly, just be yourself and let your light shine forth like the great light that is pouring from the heavens now. I go now in peace, but I am with you always, in loving service to Mankind."

Channelled by Catherine at Angelic Light 27/02/2020 xxx

Message from Osho

"Always listen to your inner feelings and desires for your intuition is a key that can unlock everything you need to know in your daily life. You can listen to others, but you, yourself know the answers to all the questions you seek to know about. You hold the key and you are the master of your own destiny. Others can help you but only you can help yourself in a way that truly matters. Everything you seek is already within you; you only have to look within to find that which you seek. When you look outside of yourself you will be running around looking for answers. When you look within, you will instantly find that which you are looking for. Inside you is the key to everything. You know more than you think. Remember yourself and remember all that is within you." - Message from Osho

Message from Osho

'Never forget who you are, for when you forget yourself you become lost. Remember what and who is inside you. Remember the power of your whole being, not just your physical self. Remember your wholeness. When you remember yourself you will never be lost and you will be at peace. Remember your true self and not the self that you portray to others. Only you know what is within. Remember this. Remember your wholeness and this is your holiness".

Message from Archangel Michael

"Blessed are those who reach inside themselves to seek their highest potential. Only when you know yourself can you shine to perfection. Perfection is in the eye of the beholder. To know perfection is to know yourself".

Message from Archangel Michael

"Let your innermost desires surface to the top of the stream and watch as they swim in a creative circle around you, allowing that which you wish for to flow to you".

*Message of the Day* from St Germain: "On this fine day, I would like to take the opportunity to thank you all for all the healing work and energies you have sent to our dear planet, for she appreciates them very much. You are all wonderful sports and without you, we would not be where we are today. So keep up the good work, wayshowers, and continue to be a beacon of light for others. Who can you help today out of the kindness of your heart? If you can help one person, please do so, and this kindness will spread like a chain of light around the world; linking up and creating a huge bunch of lights, much like those that surround a Christmas tree. You are loved, dear ones, so never forget this. Keep on being the brave soldiers of light that you are and we thank you profusely from the bottom of our hearts for all the work you do for others and for mankind. It does not go un-noticed." - Channelled by Catherine Robson on the 30th November 2012 - please share if you feel guided to.


*Message of the Day* from Archangel Michael: "Blessings of the full moon to you all on this fine day! The energies have changed somewhat in the last few days and many of you have been feeling out of sorts, as much was being released and cleansed in preparation for the energies of this beautiful moon. You should start to see a difference now and if you were feeling a bit under the weather, your energy should have risen back to normal levels now that the moon is brightly shining her light over you all in glorious ways. Of course, the moon is always there and is always in her full glory, but she is hidden from view at different times and this can affect how the energies reach you. This moon is an extra powerful one, so use her energies wisely and ask her to cleanse you and your belongings, as well as charge them with Source light for an extra boost. I wish you all well and I hope you enjoy the rest of your day". - Channelled by Catherine Robson on the 28th November 2012 - please share if you feel guided to.


*Message of the Day* from Lord Merlin: "Good day to you all. Today is a day where many of you are feeling a bit shaken and you are wondering how you can make ends meet, especially with the Christmas period coming up. Know that you can manifest that which you need to you. Trust and believe that you can, and you will. Only you block the flow of abundance that comes to you, so open yourself up and affirm ?I now accept all full methods of abundance that come to me now. I accept them with all my heart and soul and I deserve them, for I am worthy. I am that I am and I am abundant in all ways; in all shapes and forms and in all directions of time.? Then state to the Universe, or whoever you prefer, just what it is that you desire. Ask for it in a prayer or during your meditations and ask us to help you achieve your goals. Then, step back and allow these bountiful gifts to come to you easily and effortlessly, without worrying about them. Good luck with your creating and manifesting, for indeed, you are all creators of the highest order and highest light." - Channelled by Catherine Robson on the 26th November 2012 - please share if you feel guided to.


*Message of the Day* from Archangel Ariel: "Greetings to you all. I am here today to bring you a message from the realms of the sea. As you know, I work closely with the sea beings and water sprites to bring healing and guidance to the whole oceanic realms of Earth. Although it is the natural cycle of life to eat other animals if one feels guided to do so; the way in which animals are caught and used for flesh consumption is quite barbaric in many countries. We ask you to please consider more humane ways of leading the beautiful beings of the sea to the spiritual realms. Please honour them and pray for them while they pass over to the light, for they are gifting you their life, even if they resist this. At some level, their soul may have agreed to be of service to you, out of love, but the way in which some humans treat the animals of the Earth, not only those of the sea, is beyond cruel. We are not telling you to stop eating flesh, for this is your choice and your decision, but please consider the way in which the animals are being killed, for many are being abused and tortured before their death and they are not being allowed to ?get away? if they choose not to go. It is an animal?s right to choose also, if they wish to be consumed or not, so, for example, we will look at the dolphins and whales in Japan and we can see that some of them try to escape what is happening to them. In these cases, they should be let free, for they have not agreed to be consumed. It is forced upon them. There are some animals in the world who have indeed chosen to come to Earth to be used as meat and they have gifted themselves to you in honour. Most of these types of animals are bred for consumption and they only know that type of life. Consuming wildlife is a different matter, although we do not class any animal as better than another; we only mention this to convey our thoughts. Wild animals have chosen to be wild and are not usually under any contract to be caught and consumed as meat by humans. This is not to say that they won't be. It is an animal's choice, just as it is your choice to eat the meat. We all have free will. So if a wild animal resists being caught and refuses to give its life up, then it should be released; it should not be forced in to its death. God has provided much food on Earth to feed the masses, yet a lot of it is left to wither and die so that animals are used instead. Why not focus on the bounty that God has given you and only consume flesh as a last resort, or in small amounts? This would help the planet in the long run and ensure that no animal is killed against its will. We know that this post may be sensitive to many but we ask that it be put out there in honour of the animals that are taken each day; many of them taken against their will. We ask with love that you reconsider the type of meat you use, if any, and try and look at ways of consuming only animals who are treated humanely in their passing. Honour all animals and treat them with respect. They offer only respect and love to you too. I send this message with my heartfelt love and with a wish to make this planet a better place to live on. From my heart to yours, dearest ones." - Channelled by Catherine Robson on the 22nd November 2012 - please share if you feel guided to.


*Message of the Day* from Ascended Master Racoczy: "The energy on your planet is very up and down at the moment, however, know that the good you do for your planet is multiplied a thousand times and that each moment you live in peace, this is transferred to the earth to be processed and further travelled along many pathways of light, to other destinations. Each moment you breathe is precious, so take care of yourself and enjoy your life to the full. There is no use holding back in anything that you wish to do. Move forth and know that you are divinely supported along the way. There are many beings of light here to assist you, including me. Do not fret or worry about asking any of us for help, for that is what we are here for; to be in service to mankind. We have lived the life you have, so we know the both the pitfalls and the treasures that you encounter. We understand, and that is why we can help you so greatly. With the help of the Angelic realms also, we can offer a whole and balanced assistance program to you, at no cost. You do not need to pay for our help. All you need to do is ask for it. Know that you are divinely supported in many ways; much more than you can see with your earthly vision. Worry not, for the world is rising and with this brings great light. Hang on tight and enjoy the ride, although with this light, much has to be released first. Keep yourself grounded and protected at all times, so that you feel secure and safe within the world you live in. Breathe from the heart and know that you are loved in so very many ways. We are with you, dear Ones. You are never alone. We bid you good day and we hope that you shall call on us soon." - Channelled by Catherine Robson on the 16th November 2012 - please share if you feel guided to.


*Message of the Day* from the Elemental Kingdom (Nature Spirits): "The time has come for you all to put down your mass weapons of destruction and take better care of the Earth. We watch with dismay at how you treat each other and the Earth, your beautiful Mother of Light. We know that a lot of you do take care of the Earth and for this we thank you. We also know that not everyone is at war and we respect this. Please teach others how to live peacefully upon our planet and show them ways of reducing waste, so that our Mother is not burdened any more than she is now. She feels the pressure of everything that we put on to her, so please take care of her needs, just as she takes care of yours. As Mother and Son and Mother and Daughter rest carefully against each other, you too should be careful with your Earth Mother. She does everything for you and asks nothing in return, except that you keep her clean and look after each other with love and gentleness. Go now, beautiful Eco Warriors and show the world just how it should be done. We ask this with love and gratitude and we send you many blessings today. We are sorry if our post sounds harsh to some, but we can see the bigger picture and we see what gets done to the Earth daily. Worry not though, for over time, our Earth will rise again and as she does so, she will be free. Please look after her, just as you would your own Mother. Ways you can do this are: recycle more, do gentle gardening, send love and healing to the Earth, clean up your beaches and streets, stop using harsh chemicals on your body and the Earth, come to peaceful agreements rather than wars that hammer the Earth, and of course, eat healthier so that there are not as many wrappers, bottles and packaging used. Go organic and grow your own vegetables and this will save you money too. Go green lovely ones! We wish you farewell and we hope you enjoyed our message." - Channelled by Catherine Robson on the 15th November 2012 - please share if you feel guided to.


*Message of the Day* from Archangel Michael: "Greetings! The energies have changed so much lately and much has been lifted from the Earth planes, in preparation for her ascension. We thank you greatly for all that you do for the Earth, for you have helped her greatly and now she is sitting stable, awaiting her glory. As she was releasing many burdens from her back, so too were you and you may have noticed that you were experiencing a whole range of mood swings and energy dips and slides. Know that this time has passed now and the coming few months are all about renewing your energies and moving into a time of joy, rather than pain. Mother Earth has birthed once again and this has been a trying time for her, as well as for all of you. After pain comes delight, so enjoy the coming weeks where you should feel enlightened and less burdened. Good times are coming dear ones, so it is a time to celebrate your true existence and rejoice in all that life holds. If you are still feeling weary, call on me to cleanse and protect your energies, so that you too can move onto higher and brighter times. Many lightworkers have felt disconnected lately as the lower energies were being released. Some felt overwhelmed and found it hard to just get through the day. Know that this was due to most of you helping Mother Earth with her deep clearing, for you agreed to shoulder the burdens for her and release them to the light, so that they could be transmuted into light. If she had to do this by herself, there would be much more worldwide catastrophes and earth disturbances and there is enough already, without there having to be even more. So, glorious ones, we thank you for your assistance and know that you have done a great job! Now it is time to celebrate the burden that has been lifted and focus on yourself once more. Be sure to take care of yourselves and treat yourself to something that will uplift and comfort you. As you all recover from the past waves of confusion and difficulty, it is important to look after yourselves and ensure your health at all times. As you heal yourself you are then more able to help others. So go now, precious ones and go inwards to release all that you do not need or anything that you are holding onto that is not yours. Once you have done this, you will feel so much brighter and rejuvenated. Ask us to help you and we will hold you in our wings until you can release no more. Release the burdens and release the pain; then joy will be yours. Good times are coming, dear ones, so do not worry! Always live in the higher love and as you do so, only love will prevail. I am with you all and I send you my deepest love and best wishes for a most fruitful day." - Channelled by Catherine Robson on the 14th November 2012 - please share if you feel guided to.


*Message of the Day* from Lord Melchizedek: "Blessings dear Ones, I have come here today to spread a message of peace and joy. As you know, we are coming into a great time of transition on the Earth plane and with this comes many changes and upheavals. We know that many of you are going through a very tough time right now and we acknowledge this. It is important to stay grounded and centred during this time and to be strong amongst all this adversity. You do have it in you, each and every one of you, to be resilient and strong. You all have our help of course too, so never be afraid to ask us to come to you. You are never alone and all matters deserve attention. All prayers are always answered, even if not always the way that you had hoped. It will always be for your highest good. God hears all of your prayers and we help to answer them. We are God?s workers if you like, just like you are. If you are in need of assistance, please do ask or if you do not feel comfortable asking us, ask someone around you on a physical level, such as a doctor, family member or anyone you can trust. It is important to get that help now, rather than waiting until a later date."

"Many Angels surround you all, especially the great Archangel Michael, who I work with closely. He is with many of you, helping you along your spiritual path. Another Angel who works closely with the Earth plane is Archangel Raphael and he has many strings to his bow. All Angels are highly trained and are only willing to take your call. All you have to do is ask out loud or inside your head for assistance and they will hear you and take appropriate action. Here is a little exercise for you to try: Call on your Guardian Angel to be by your side right now. Say ?Dear Guardian Angel, please be with me and help me to be aware of your energy.? Then notice how you feel. You may feel a tingling around you, heat or cold or just a feeling of knowing that they are with you. Ask them now to make this energy stronger and see what happens. Acknowledge them even if you do not feel this energy. Just know that they are there with you to support you. If you do feel them with you, then this is great. Take time each day to develop a bond with them and this will bring you so much joy."

"I go now Beloveds but know that I am here and I will help you to be strong. Call my name and I shall be there. With all my love and strength, Lord Melchizedek." - Channelled by Catherine Robson on the 9th November 2012 - please share if you feel guided to.


*Message of the Day* from Mother Mary: "Greetings beloved souls, I have been working closely with a lot of people on our dear Earth recently and I am honoured and delighted that so many of you have been wanting to connect with me; much more than normal, which is wonderful. I would like to thank all those beautiful beings who have been working with me, as it has allowed me to come even closer to the earth and to help in many more ways than before. I am always here, but sometimes the lower energies from earth can weigh me down so I only come for short periods of time in my full body. Now that more people are opening up to my energies and letting go of fears from the past, I am able to manifest more fully for longer periods of time. This allows me to do my work on a deeper level and I am then able to help more people. Please continue to work with me if you feel guided to and if you have never consciously worked with me before, then please call on me for help and assistance, especially with matters to do with the heart. I will be there in an instant and I graciously offer my love to each and every one of you who read this message. Come with me and I will take you on a journey of the heart, to delve and dive deep within the waters that exist there. I will help you to lessen the pain you feel when you are grieving and I will help you to release the muddy waters of the past. It is time to move on now, beloveds and move to a new and brighter place. Let your heart sing with joy and love and let it expand to encompass your very soul and true being. You are loved, dearest ones! Never forget this. I wish you well and bid you farewell but this is not the last you will hear me, for I shall be back with many messages in the coming times. Go now, wonderful ones and spread your light, for the world needs you at this time. Continue your prayers for they do help and God does hear every single one of them. Many blessings are bestowed upon you now, dear ones, as you go about your daily business. Bask in the love that is there for all and know that you deserve to be happy and abundant. You are worth it and all is well." - Channelled by Catherine Robson on the 8th November 2012 - please share if you feel guided to.


*Message of the Day* from Quan Yin: "Good morning beautiful ones, it is such a lovely day and one to be celebrated as we move into a new beginning, especially with the American election results having been announced not that long ago. You have chosen well, dearest ones and a new and better time will abound. Although it may take a while to see these new positive changes that will come, they will come and they will be celebrated. The people must have their say and this they have done graciously. The re-election process has sparked interest from all over the world and it has reawakened many to stand up for what they believe in. This resurge of interest will make for greater change and people will push forwards now towards their dreams. Much is coming beautiful souls; many changes for the better. As these changes come, old patterns and beliefs will fall away, so prepare for letting go of the old, so that the new can enter gracefully."

"You are loved, dearest precious souls, so never worry; you are never alone. You always have your own spiritual team with you at all times of the day, who you can call on for help and assistance. For those who have lost their loved ones recently, know that they are safe and well and that they watch over you from above. They are never alone either, for they too, have their soul family with them always. Together you still have a close bond, for in reality there is no separation. You are still together in many ways and during sleep time, you do visit them in their spiritual home, just like they visit you in your earthly home. Be well, precious beloveds. I send you much love from my heart to yours, today and always." - Channelled by Catherine Robson on the 7th November 2012 - please share if you feel guided to.


*Message of the Day* from my guide White Feather: "As time goes on, many of you will feel guided towards a healthier lifestyle, however, this can be hard to do at times, especially with all the sugary temptations that are around most of you at this time. Know that it is ok to have a treat now and then; you do not need to deny yourself, however, it is important that the proportion of your meals are healthy and substantial for your physical body to live on. Know that the best foods for you to eat are water based, such as fruits and vegetables, as these contain the perfect balance of nutrients you need to get through the day. There are other foods that are very healthful too, of course, but these are the main foods you should be consuming regularly, with smaller amounts of everything else. It is important for you to eat healthily so that you can be energised and full of life, for this planet that you live on can be very dense and much negativity surrounds most of you from televisions, radios and other electrical items that are very draining indeed. When you eat fruits and vegetables, these help to protect you and they make your skin glow too. So the next time you wish to reach for a sugary snack and you have already had one too many, have a rethink and pick up a piece of fruit instead. You will be glad that you did and your body will thank you for it. Know that we are always here in the spiritual realms to assist with food intake and healthy living, so call on us at any time and we will be available to help. If you have cravings that you cannot overcome by yourself, then please seek out an appropriate health professional who can assist you and put you on a plan that you can follow easily. We all send you much encouragement and support at this time, so open up and accept this help and love that we send to you always. With respect, White Feather." - Channelled by Catherine Robson on the 5th November 2012 - please share if you feel guided to.


*Message of the Day* from St Germain: "Greetings, precious ones! On this fine day, I am here to bring you a message of hope and joy. Although many people are feeling rather tired at the moment, know that behind the scenes there is much lightwork going on and the power of all of you put together is making a difference in the world. Your light is truly helping and assisting us to do our jobs and you make our work so much easier. Although it may seem to you that you ask us for help a lot, this is true, but you all help us immensely too, so there is a nice balance. Never feel bad for asking us for help, for that is what we are here for and we love to help and assist as much as we can. We are always here in loving service to you and we do our best to help our dear Mother Earth. Our mission, and yours too is to be a light in the darkness of this planet, to help with the ascension of the planet, as well as your own ascension phases. You are all doing a wonderful job, so keep up the good work and if you feel that you need a day off to rest and recuperate, then take it. It is best if you are feeling healthy to do this work, although that is not to say that you cannot do it if you are feeling ill. But you must look after yourself and take some time out just for you, so that you can focus on yourself for a while and give yourself the healing that you truly need. Don't forget to ask us for help with your personal healing, for we are always here for you all at all times of the day. Help each other too and come together with like-minded souls, so that you can all move on in your groups towards the light. Know that as you do so, you will attract more and more people who will resonate with you and your energies and you will then be even more powerful together, bringing more light to each other and to the earth. You are loved beyond measure and always in our hearts. We treasure you, so keep going and fill this world with your loving light. You are truly powerful in many ways, dear ones!" - Channelled by Catherine Robson on the 1st November 2012 - please share if you feel guided to.


*Message of the Day* from Quan Yin: "Beautiful ones, you have all grown so much recently as time is speeding up and your ascension has been accelerated. This can be overwhelming for some who may feel stuck and not able to move on. Know that this time is temporary and that things will settle down soon. As Mother Earth speeds up her cleansing, she is letting go of all that she no longer needs, such as old heavy energies that were weighing her down. You too, should do the same, and let go of all that is heavy in your life. On this day of Halloween, it is a good time to let go of old hurts and pains, letting go of old energies, so that new higher energies can come in. If you are feeling stuck, know that this will pass soon as you let go of your fears and worries about moving onto a brighter future. It is time to relax and surrender to the light for it only serves your higher purpose. Be sure to stay healthy during this time of great change and take better care of yourselves. Although times may be challenging, know that your spiritual family are around you always and they will help you if you ask them. They can only do so much to help you though; you have to make the first moves in improving your life for the better. What are you waiting for, beloveds? It is time for you to move forwards now and accept all the abundance that is there for you. No more holding back and worrying about this or that. Go boldly forth and be who you wish to be, for no-one else can do it for you. Only you can change your life and we shall assist where possible. I wish you a most blessed day of light and I send you love deep from within my heart. Always yours in service, your Mother, Quan Yin." - Channelled by Catherine Robson on the 31st October 2012 - please share if you feel guided to.


*Message of the Day* from Archangel Michael: "Ah, Beloveds, I feel your pain, yet I cannot do anything about it unless you ask me to come in and help you. If you are feeling burdened, please call on me to assist and I will be there with you in an instant, to help ease your pain and offer you a helping hand. Although I am always busy, I can be with everyone simultaneously, so please do not worry about asking me for help. I can be with anyone who helps, at any time. I work in Service to our Creator and this is my job, which I love and I am truly thankful to be in service, especially at a time such as this. I offer my own prayers and loving thoughts to all who are going through a tough time right now. Know that it is temporary and that your pains and burdens will be lifted soon. Only you can do this, so take that first step in moving forwards and releasing all that does not serve you. Take a deep breath and affirm ?I now release all that no longer serves my needs and purpose. I am willing to surrender this to my Creator and the Angelic realms to be transmuted into joy. I now accept my Divine purpose and I move forward on my path at the speed of light. I am worthy of all help that is given to me at this time. I am love and I live in love and in joy.? Now see yourself releasing with each breath all that you no longer need. Let it go to the heavens to be transmuted to love. See a beautiful rose pink light around you and let it wash over you, bringing you love, joy and healing, to soothe your body and mind. This light comes from your inner child. It is you giving yourself a hug. Accept this love and use it whenever you wish, to get yourself back into balance again. Know that I am with you as you read this message and if you need any further healing or advice, then please ask me and I shall be by your side for as long as you wish. I go now but I watch over this page with love and I bless all who come here looking for help and assistance. Open yourself to this love and see how your path changes for the better. Always in your loving service, Archangel Michael and the Legions of Light." - Channelled by Catherine Robson on the 30th October 2012*Message of the Day* from Lord Merlin: "Greetings on this fine day. It is my pleasure to be here today to give a message that will help those who frequent this page. You are all going through a time of great change and upheaval and this is leaving you tired, dear ones. Please be sure to get enough sleep at night, as this is when you do most of your work and it is important for you to be fit and well to continue your lightworker duties. In your awake state, you are being bombarded with many energies daily and these can affect your moods, causing mood swings and irritability. It is important for you to eat well, including colourful fruit and vegetables in your diet, so that you have the energy to heal and clear yourself of any toxins you encounter. We also note that most of you are not drinking enough water, so this is something for you to take time out to do. You are happy to be drinking sweet carbonated drinks, but these are not good for your health if taken daily in such a large consumption. The odd drink of this type of fluid is fine, as your body can remove this waste, but if you drink too much of it, then your body can get into trouble and become dehydrated. I would like to set you all a little task to improve one thing in your diet and then see how you feel having made this change. Making this one little change can lead to greater things. Keep up the good work beautiful ones, as you are all doing a wonderful job in regards to spreading the light of Source and teaching others how to heal themselves. I will share more in further messages but for now I wish you a good day." - Channelled by Catherine Robson on the 29th October 2012


*Message of the Day* from Goddess Isis: "Greetings, beloveds. It is lovely to see you all gathering more fully now in your lightworker groups. Many lightworkers are coming together at this time to send love and light to each other and to the Earth planes. Know that your work is helping greatly and no matter how small you think your contribution is, it all adds up and it is helping in many ways that you cannot see yet. Although your news media prefer to spread darkness, know that this is not all that is happening in the world. There are many light news stories too but they are not documented. Please continue to share your light, especially on media like this. As you do so, you will attract others who are like you and together you will make a difference. It is important in these times to come together in groups, so let go of any past conflict with your friends and move on together in new ways that will benefit you all. I am with you all as you walk this path, so call on me at any time and I shall be there with you in an instant. I send my love always and forever more." - Channelled by Catherine Robson on the 28th October 2012


Message from St Germain & Merlin - 5th June 2012

"There have been a lot of people feeling rather down lately and in need of help and support. This is mainly due to the cleansing effects of the planetary changes that are all around and within you at this time. In these times of change, we advise drinking more water, connecting with nature and being around your animal friends for comfort. The Venus transition will bring many changes and much cleansing will be done of the heart centres. This will bring many old emotions and issues to the surface to be dealt with, so be prepared for this. Now is a good time to let go of past loves and anything from the past that you have not dealt with yet. With this purging of ?old issues? comes much light and also, much light will be pouring down on your planet, filling your light bodies with diamond crystalline light. This will help you move forwards on your path, but you must also be prepared to let go of all that does not serve, so that you can move forwards in the light. Those who do not release these lower energies will feel stuck until they decide to surrender to the feelings that are coming up for them. If you find yourself feeling stuck, call on us to help you release and indeed we shall help as much as possible. We do not want to see anyone held back and we would like to see you all moving forwards in the light; moving on to newer and brighter things. If you need extra assistance in your cleansing, call on the Violet Flame of Purification and Transmutation to help you. You can call on any form of this you like, since there are many available to you. If you do not know about this flame or how to use it, just call on myself or Merlin to assist you and we shall be there in an instant, to help you connect with these magnificent energies. We wish you love, peace and guidance on this fine day. Blessings be with you. Yours, in light and service, St Germain and Merlin."

How to call on the Violet Flame for cleansing (guidance from St Germain):

Take 3 deep breaths in and out to relax and centre yourself.

Call on your guides and angels for protection and support.

Imagine yourself sitting on lush green grass, connecting with nature and the earth. This will ground your energies.

Call on St Germain of the highest light to be with you and then say "I now invoke the highest aspects of the Violet Flame to burn brightly through all levels of my body and my inner being. I ask these energies to safely burn away and cleanse all that is not for my highest good at this time. I ask that all lower forms of energy that are with me be transmuted to light and removed from my energy fields to be replaced by energies of sustenance and compatability. I ask that all sources of energy that are not for my highest good be removed from me completely, never to return. I call on the Violet Flame to purify my mind, body and soul to higher levels, so that I can think clearly on all levels and reach my highest possibilities. I ask all this in the name of the Source and the Holy Trinity. I ask that I be guided to those energies that are only for my highest good and my complete well-being at this time. I now release the past and all energies from the past that are holding me back. I embrace the energies of Mother Nature and I ask her to gently cleanse my soul, so that I am bathed in the light of the Mother at all times. I am the purity that I desire for myself and so it is."


Message from John Lennon - 9th March 2012

"It is time to put down the guns and the knives and open up to who you truly are. No more war. No more fighting. No more hiding in trenches waiting for your head to be blown off. It is time for you to open your heart to peace and be what you came here to be, and that is a peace warrior. It is time to wake up, along with the other millions of people in the world and do the job you came here to do and that is to be a peace maker. There is no use sitting in your armchairs praying for peace if you don?t get out there and do something about it. This is real and it goes on every day, in every way. It is time to stand up and be counted, for as you do so, others will follow and eventually, the whole world will stand up for what they believe in. Peace is not hard to understand. It is not hard to live in peace or to be peace. It is a part of you. What to do is breathe in the peace and blow out love. Let this circle of light surround you until you are calm and relaxed. Then send this light to others, to their hearts, to their souls, so that it encompasses every living thing around you. This peace will then travel from them to the next person or thing, and this will go on and on, like a choo-choo train of peace unfolding all over the world. Make sure you are on the train ride and vow to never get off. If you need to make a stop for a bit, then of course that is ok, we all have days when we are a bit off. Just make sure you get back on again as quickly as possible, and pull that whistle to get the train moving again."

"There are many in this world fighting for peace, love and light but they are not being shown in the media. It is time for more peace lovers to come out and show themselves for who they really are and for them to infiltrate the media with love. They are being shut out for a reason and this is because the big cats want to promote negativity and war. The more people read about this negativity, the more negative their thoughts become and this attracts and breeds even more negativity. Turn off your news channels and focus on peace. Focus on peaceful, loving solutions to any problems in the world instead of giving in to what the media want you to feel about them. They want to spread mass fear and this is not on. There is more peace in the world right now than anyone even knows about, but the media do not want to show this. Yes, they will show snippets here and there, for there are a few journalists who do work for the light and to promote world peace. We need to get more peace loving journalists into the system, but this will come in time. You will have noticed that anyone who does try and speak up for the light in the dark system will be brought down and made nullified and void, so you can imagine that most people do not even want to go there. The best thing is to set up your own media groups and get the peace message out that way. All there is a need for is love and this is all there is. Fear is just an absence of love. It is important to spread messages of peace and love each day, but only if you truly feel them deep within your soul. There is no use being fake and posting messages, then going about your daily life in the opposite way. You must bring this peace into yourself and use it throughout your whole life. Only then can you teach about it and truly mean it. Be a soldier for peace today and see how many virtual hugs you can spread around the world. Spread love to the trees, for they need it at this time. They are suffocating with the effects of pollution and they are working hard to clear it. Send them peace and they will love you in return. All peace is, is love. When you are love, you are at peace and when you are at peace you feel love."

"Go now, lightworkers and be peace. Live peace, work peace, breathe peace, spread peace and see peace everywhere you go. Do not focus on the negativity. See it, acknowledge it, but then release it. Do not hold on to what is not yours. Only hold on to those energies that are your own and even then, make sure they are clean and being recycled daily. Go now, wise warriors and light up the world with your intelligent conversations. Use your light to break down the barriers that have been put up by mankind. Use your virtual sledgehammers to break the ice between each level in society. We are all one and we all come from the same soul. We are like little particles of light, glimmering in the trees, hanging from branches and waiting for all of our lives to end, so that we can go back to spirit and be one with the almighty and all that is whole. We must take time in our lives to appreciate and be grateful for all that we have, for without each other where would we be? Although we live many lives, and these lives can teach us a lot, we do not know ourselves fully until we have merged together all of our beings into one. This can take many eons to master and this is called Nirvana. Once we reach Nirvana, we can choose to incarnate again if we wish, but most souls do not wish to after they have attained this level of perfection. They are wise to stay where they are, in an ever changing sea of light, shrouded in great mystery."

"Enjoy your lives, for you have much to master, and there is no rush to get anything done. There is much in your life that brings you joy, so focus on this and try and let go of negative and stressful thoughts as soon as they come into your mind. There is nothing like stress to bring you down. Try and be more patient, for this will keep you calm and stop rage from forming. If you feel anxious or impatient, stop and breathe deeply, while counting to 10. Only focus on this breath and on the numbers as you form them in your mind. When you reach 10, you should feel much better. In time, you can master your mind, so that nothing affects you, unless you let it. Give peace a chance and know that as you do so, you will feel more uplifted and in control of your life."

"Be at peace and know that you are doing a good job in the world. Those who are meant to read this message will have it shown to them and those you are not meant to read it will have it hidden from them. Be sure to master your life as much as you can and once you master your mind, you will be in a good position to master everything else around you. You are only a master of your own destiny, so never interfere with another?s free will or try and talk them into things. Let them be who they want to be and they will awaken in their own time. My life was short, but I learnt many, many lessons that were a challenge at the time, but have brought me so much peace now. I am truly at peace with who I am and all that I have gone through has made me a better person. Never forget my message of peace, for I will sing it from the rooftops and I will light up the skies with it. Use your own inner light to spread your own messages of peace and see how they transform the world, one by one. Use my music to propel you forwards in your life and to open your heart to all that you desire. I am with you and I am John and I leave you with my love." Channelled by Catherine Robson @ Angelic Light -


Message from Archangel Michael - 25th February 2012

"It is now time to decide what means more to you and what doesn't, dear ones. It is time to focus on the present and let go of the past and all that no longer serves your purpose. There is a reason why things are changing, and sometimes cords must be cut from past events to allow new doors and opportunities to open for you. Spread your wings and fly and don't let a...nyone stand in your way. All that is not of the light will crumble in their own way. You must focus on the light and move forward with strong hearts and minds. Go forth on your missions with blazing hearts and do God's work. We will fly with you and ensure a safe journey for you all. Go now, sweet ones and light up the sky with your lights! Bring peace to every situtation you find yourself in today and know that we are with you, guiding and protecting you along the way." Channelled by Catherine Robson @ Angelic Light -


Message from John Lennon - 14th February 2012

"Life is what you make it. Don't just sit back and let it happen. Go for it and follow your dreams. Be who you want to be and make the most of it. Never let any opportunities pass you by because you never know when they might come around again."

Channelled by Catherine Robson @ Angelic Light -


Message from Archangel Metatron - 18th June 2011

"Greetings my fine ones of the light! It has come to my attention that there are many of you out there who are struggling right now with all the new energies coming to earth and the energies that are leaving earth. This has been a hard time for many and the next few months will bring more of these energies. This is not to say that you will all be struggling. No. Far from it. In these trying times, it is wise to have regular exercise as an outlet for energies that are being passed through you and indeed the energies that are coming into your being. Stress is a common factor these days, especially for those who worry about money. Know, my dear ones, that money is an illusion. There is always enough to go round but there are those who are greedy and will not share their fortunes. We are all abundant in all ways and money is always yours for the taking. Indeed, for you are a child of the light and money flows to you effortlessly. But will you let it in? That is the question. Will you worry about lack or will you open your heart to accept your divine birthright? Money is energy. It is not real. It is ever changing and it is fluid. Will it bring you all you need? Why not? If you wish to receive, then give in abundance, not out of need, but from your heart. Do work for others and you will naturally receive abundance in return. This may not always be in the form of money, but it will be in some form that you can use as a treasure. Make the most of what you have, because you can be assured that there are those who are worse off than yourself. If you have a clean bed, clean clothes and food and water on the table then you are part of the world?s richest in society. There are those who have nothing, but they have their pride and they still manage to get by, for they share the gifts they were born with and this ensures that their needs are met. Be grateful for what you have in life, for you have many treasures indeed, both in spiritual terms and worldly goods. Go, my wonderful ones and do not worry about a thing. Enjoy your life, with all its treasures and exciting experiences. If you are struggling, ask yourself why. Know that you are all surrounded by legions of angels each and every day. Do not worry. Ask and you shall be given. Share what you have and know that you will have returned to you all that you have shared and more. God works in mysterious ways and he would never leave any of his children out in the woods so to speak."

"We are forever yours in the light and in service. We bow to you in peace, our dearest beloveds. Attune yourself to the light and pray for a speedy solution to your problems. Know that your prayers will be answered in whatever way they are meant to be. All prayers are heard and our Divine Creator sees and feels each and every one of them. Know that life is worth living. There is much to life. If you need help, ask for it. You will always be taken care of, my dearest ones. There are those of you who wish to go back to spirit right now, but I say rethink this, for there is much that can be done for you, if only you will ask for help. Ask us and ask your friends. Do it now. Get the help you need and you will be taken care of. Do not lower yourself any more. It is time to rise once more and be the person you really are. For you are a wonderful child of God. You all are, whether you believe it or not. I hold my hand out to each and every one of you. Will you take it? Know that you are Divine in every way. See the goodness in yourself and others. Focus on the heart and this will bring you home. Home to yourself, where you need to be. See that flicker of light and follow it until you are healed, whole and complete. You are in service, my dear ones and you have much to do here before you go back home. Feel your calling. Feel it in your heart. Remember. Remember what you came here to do, before you got lost in the wilderness. There is a way out and the time is now. Things can change and they will. Have faith and hope. Never give up on yourself. Ask for help now and it shall be yours, my beloved ones."

"If you are feeling negative, ask for these feelings to be cleared from you. Ask your angels for help. Ask me for help. Ask God for help. Ask your family for help. And it shall be yours. Do not suffer in silence, crying tears of sorrow for yourself. Know that help is available for you. Talk to a stranger if that helps. What is the most important thing is that you get help right now. Do not waste a minute. Know that you are important. Know that you are wise. Know that you are loved. For you are, in many ways, by many people, even if you do not believe it is so."

"I go in peace now, but please listen to my words and know that the light that shines within you is bright, even if you cannot see or feel it right now. It is time to move forwards and let go of all that does not serve you. It is a time of peace. Peace within. A time of remembrance and a time of joy. Go into your heart and feel the joy and love that resides there. You will be fine. You just need time to heal. You have grieved so much in this lifetime, but now it is a time for you to shine. Trust in God and know that all of your needs will be met. Dry your tears, my dearest ones and get out there and shine. Let go of your armour and let the real you come out. You are glorious in all ways and never forget this."

"We send you many blessings of peace, joy and love always. We forever hold you in the light and wish you to know that everyone has a special place in God?s heart. There is no-one ?left out in the rain?. God loves all of his children and everyone will have a place in heaven when it is their time to go home. Go in peace, my beloveds and be the warriors you are. Fight for peace and fight for love. By this I do not mean in a negative way but from your hearts. We are all one and the same. Many blessings to you all." Archangel Metatron. Channelled by Catherine Robson @ Angelic Light -


Message from Archangel Michael, regarding Japan - 15th March 2011

"Go gently inside and feel the peace, love and joy that radiates inside you. Although the world seems to be in turmoil, a greater plan is unfolding and that is one of great joy, as the world unites in peace and love. The world must move on now, and in doing so, each person strengthens their bond to each other, allowing greater light to unfold. The heavens are sending their own unique energies to help mankind. Be patient and you will see the greater picture, for what will unfold will be great strength and resiliance and great plans for the future. Go in love, peace and joy my children and be there for each other. Do not turn your backs to the darkness, but instead, let it be as it is and reach for the stars. Concentrate on the light and know that we are working behind the scenes to bring aid to those who need it. Do not fret or worry for all will be well. Those who have crossed over are safe and well in the spiritual realms and they are at peace. You must focus your love on those who are still alive and help them, for they are living in sorrow. Shine your light upon them and send them waves of pure joy and delight, for they do not know how to feel this right now. Bless them with your rays of great power and love and help them to shine again.

Go in peace, my beloveds and do your duty. Forever yours, your warrior, Archangel Michael." Channelled by Catherine Robson @ Angelic Light -


Message from Archangel Michael - 3rd July 2010

"Beloved ones, it is time to raise your energies and be who you came here to be. Worry not, my friends, for there are many energies you can call on to enrich your lives and bring you peace and joy. 

It is time to let go of the past and all the pain and suffering in your life. Look to the future with hope and joy and know that good things will come your way. Let go of your burdens and open your heart to the endless possibilities that await you. Raise your light and fly, dear ones! Be all that you can be and hold back no longer. Now is your time to shine and be the true warrior that you are - a warrior of peace and guardian of the light! 

Be strong and courageous and know we are all shining down on you at all times, awaiting your call. We are here always for help and guidance, so do not hesitate to call on us if you need help or just an ear or two to listen to your problems. Send out the clarion call and we will be there in an instant. We hear all of your prayers and your requests for help at all times. No-one is every left out or abandoned. 

Be at peace, dear ones and know that we are with you always, helping you and guiding you along your path of light. Choose your energies wisely, and make sure you are working from a place of light, truth and acceptance. Those energies that do not serve you must be ignored or let go of, or else they will just hold you back. Strive for the best, my beloved ones and know you deserve goodness and light in all that you do! Always be the best that you can be! 

We love you more than words can say. We wish you well, our beloved friends and warriors of the light! Good night." xxxx

Channelled by Catherine Robson @ Angelic Light -

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