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Angels & Ascension

What are Angels?

Angels are God's Messengers. They are around us all, without exception. They have unconditional love for us and work with us for our highest good. They are very high frequency beings, made of pure spirit, who have no free will of their own. They only carry out the will of God.

Each of us has a Guardian Angel, who is with us throughout all of our incarnations. This Angel is not to be confused with our Spirit Guide, who is a separate entity. Our Guardian Angel holds the blueprint for our life, which was created by us before we came here. Our Angel constantly whispers to us the things we have set out to achieve in this lifetime. They radiate love and light to us at all times. No matter what you do, your angel will still love you. It is possible to have a few Guardian Angels.

Under spiritual law, angels cannot intervene and help us unless we ask them to. When we do ask, they are only too delighted to help us, and are just waiting for instructions from us. If you send out a cry for help from deep inside your heart and soul, and not from your ego, Angels will be able to intervene and assist you more easily. If it is not your time to die or be injured, your angel will step in and save you.

Your angel can also help you to bring new, more meaningful things into your life, to help your growth. If they cannot help you directly, they may help you find a book with an answer in it, or impress on you to turn the radio or TV on just in time for you to hear what you need to know.

If you wish to contact your Angel, it is helpful to surround yourself with a lovely gold colour beforehand. This is achieved by imagining a lovely gold energy around you. This will allow your angel to come closer and connect with you. Remember and protect yourself when opening yourself up to spirit contact. One way of doing this is to surround yourself with an egg shape of white or gold light, all around your body. You can also ask your Guardian Angel to protect you, or even Archangel Michael, who is the protector angel.

How to recognise when your angel is around you:

You may feel your angel through touch, such as feeling your Angel's hands on your shoulders or any part of your body. You may feel a breeze or a warmth around you, smell a perfume or feel a wonderful feeling of love and happiness. You may even hear your angel speaking to you, or even singing. You can ask your Angel, or a choir of Angels to sing over you when you are in bed sleeping at night. This will bathe you in their healing, purifying, joy filled sounds while you sleep. Another way to know if angels are around you is if you find a small white feather. You can ask your angel to leave one lying around for you to find!

The Angelic Hierarchy:

There are two parallel evolutionary Spirals - one where humans, plants, minerals and animals evolve, and another where Angels evolve. Each kingdom of the spirals is contained within a frequency band.

The first evolutionary spiral consists of six kingdoms:

The Mineral Kingdom operates on the first dimension - this is where new ideas root.

The Plant Kingdom operates on the second dimension - here there is opening to spiritual information and knowledge.

The Animal Kingdom operates on the third dimension, or on the fourth if the heart chakra is opened.

The Human Kingdom operates on the third dimension also, or on the fourth if the heart chakra is opened. Humans are multi-dimensional and actually span the frequency bands. Some humans who are in the fourth dimension when they pass over may choose to train as guides for those who are still on earth.

Ascended Masters operate on the fifth dimension.

Ascended Master Levels to Source operate from the fifth dimension upwards.

Our aim on earth is to become a fifth dimensional human and ascend. You can then lead others on the path of light and you may even evolve to become an ascended master. After death, you continue to evolve through the dimensions until you finally return to the Godhead.

The second evolutionary spiral is as follows:

The Elemental Kingdom - this includes fairies, gnomes, goblins, elves, mermaids etc. They are made up of one element and are ethereal. They look after nature and help the plants and flowers grow and they work with crystals, sand, soil, air, water and fire. Fairies and sylphs are air elementals. Goblins, elves, pixies and brownlies are earth elementals. Mermaids, undines and kyhils are water elementals. Salamanders are fire elementals. Warburtons are fifth-dimensional wood elementals. Fauns, imps and dragons are elementals combining several elements.

Angels - there are millions of angels that can help us on Earth. Guardian Angels are the lowest rank. Angels on this level are the ones most concerned with human affairs and are closest to us on earth.

Universal Angels and Archangels - there is a section on Archangels and Ascended Masters at the end of this section.

Unicorns - they are fully of the angelic realms and, like the Principalities, vibrate between the 7th and 9th dimensional frequencies though we can only connect with them at the 7th dimension. They are ascended horses. The spiralling horn that radiates from their third eye is really pure energy and indicates their level of enlightenment. They can open hearts, give healing and pour light into people, places and situations with their horn.

Principalities - these are angels in charge of large projects, towns and cities. There is a Principality in charge of each hospital, each company, each town, city and country. They even look after sacred sites and portals. You can call on them to help for anything you require for any large venture.

The Powers - include the Lords of Karma and the Angels of Death and Birth.

The Lords of Karma preside over the individual Akashic Records of Humanity (which are the blueprints for our lives). They also look after the conscience of humanity and our planet's history. There are seven members on the Lords of Karma. Each one represents a Ray:

RAY 1 - The Great Divine Director - he directs cosmic light rays so that humanity does not destroy itself.

RAY 2 - The Goddess of Liberty - she carries the energy of freedom through equality for humanity.

RAY 3 - Lady Nada - often depicted in pink, she supports you if you aim high and act with purity of intention.

RAY 4 - Pallas Athena - was once the high priestess in Atlantis. She helps those bringing truth forward.

RAY 5 - Elohim Vista - she represents the Creator Gods and works through the Archangels.

RAY 6 - Kwan Yin - she is the eastern equivalent of Mother Mary and she works with the threefold flame of gold for wisdom, pink for love and blue for power.

RAY 7 - Lady Portia - she holds the balance of mercy and judgement and helps those who want to balance the heart and the head.

The Virtues - these mighty Angels send huge beams of light to earth to help raise the consciousness of Man and Mother Earth.

The Dominions - they are celestial prefects, who look after those angels whose tasks require them to vibrate at a slower frequency. They are channels of mercy and they help to smooth the passage between the spiritual and the material.

The Thrones - they transform divine wisdom to a level that humans can accept. They guard the planets. The Throne Angel who is in charge of our planet Earth is called Lady Gaia.

The Cherubs - they work with the Cherubim and help with the stars. They work with people who are angel ambassadors.

The Cherubim - they are the Angels of Wisdom, who guard the stars and the heavens.

The Seraphim - they are the highest in the Angelic hierarchy and surround the Godhead. They are the Angels who maintain the vibration of Creation.

Ascended Masters and Archangels:

Ray 1

Ascended Master is El Morya - He works with the red ray of power and will, confidence and strength. In past lives he was Abraham, Akbar the Great, Solomon, King Arthur and Melchior.

Archangel Michael - He works with the deep blue ray of protection and his etheric retreat is in Banff, Canada. His Twin Flame is Faith and his day of the week is Tuesday. He is in charge of the Throat Chakra. He commands the Angels of Protection. His sword and shield protect you and he will place his deep blue cloak around you for protection, to keep you safe, if you ask. He gives strength and courage and helps bring about positive results. His sword can cut negative cords.

Ray 2

Ascended Master is Lanto - He works with the ray of love and wisdom. He was a great Chinese philosopher, who lived about 400BC. He is said to have accomplished more than any other Master on earth. In that incarnations he developed unconditional love to such an extent that golden light shone from his heart centre. In recent times, until he took over the Second Ray he oversaw the operation of one of earth's twin planets, Metatron, which is more evolved than we are.

Archangel Jophiel - He works with the yellow ray of wisdom and illumination and his etheric retreat is south of the Great Wall, China. His Twin Flame is Christine and his day of the week is Sunday. He is in charge of the Crown Chakra. He commands the Angels of Illumination and Wisdom and he uses his might and power to inspire and light up the mind, so that people become open minded and wise. He helps education and learning and can help you study and pass exams. He helps you to be tactful and have foresight in difficult situations.

Ray 3

Ascended Master is Paul The Venetian - He works with the ray of intelligence and creative activity. He works in the emerald green aspect. He lived in Lemuria and Atlantis and was a keeper of the white flame of purity. He could transmute the karma of those who entered this aura and also project his thoughts to dissolve the negativity of places and people. He is responsible for reviving the creativity of humanity. He works with Ascended Master Radoczy (St Germain), to bring inspiration and purification through painting, music and colour. He brings a return of grace and he sends waves of love to the chakras, especially the sacral, the heart and third eye so that all creativity is suffused with a higher energy. He works with Hilarionis, the Master of the fifth ray, so that new scientific forms and technology also allow the creative, artistic energy of humanity to expand. When you tune into him, rainbow frequencies of light transmit to you and he touches your very cells with the vibration of creation.

Archangel Chamuel - He works with the pink ray of love and compassion and his etheric retreat is in St Louis, Missouri. His Twin Flame is Charity and his day of the week is Monday. He is in charge of the Heart Chakra. He commands the Angels of Love. He expands the flame of love in your heart and helps people to find compassion and forgiveness. His angels can help you find lost objects, and keep items safe until you find them.

Ray 4

Ascended Master is Serapis Bey - He works with the ray of harmony and balance. He is originally from Venus and is the keeper of the White Flame. He is the only Ascended Master who works with the Seraphim. He has an ascension seat in Luxor. He was a priest in Atlantis, the Pharaoh Akhenaton IV and Amenophis.

Ascended Master is Archangel Gabriel - He works with the white ray of purity and his etheric retreat is in Mount Shasta, California. He also has a retreat at Findhorn for purification and awakening. His Twin Flame is Hope and his day of the week is Friday. He is in charge of the Base and Sacral Chakras. He commands the Angels of Purity and Guidance. He offers guidance and helps people to find their next step in life or their divine mission. He brings joy and grace, clarity and order into your life if you invoke him. He opens you up to sympathy, understanding and generosity and will help you purify negative emotions and beliefs, which are locked in your energy system. He is the Angel of childbirth and is always in attendance as a new soul comes to earth. 

Ray 5

Ascended Master is Hilarion - He works with the orange ray of science and technology, knowledge and research. He is teaching us to use our mental powers and drops seed thoughts of the new technology and scientific ideas into receptive minds. He stands for accuracy, justice, common sense and upright attitudes. He was Paul the Apostle.

Archangel Raphael - He works with the emerald green ray of balance, healing and abundance and his etheric retreat is at Fatima, Portugal. His Twin Flame is Mother Mary (mother of Jesus). Their day of the week is Wednesday and they are in charge of the development of the Third Eye. They command the Angels of Healing.

Raphael helps healers and travellers and stands for vision and truth, so he will enable you to find a sense of justice. He carries the masculine aspect of healing. His healing power helps dissolve negative blocks and helps the positive power of love.  

Mary helps babies and children especially. She works with a light blue healing light. She holds the feminine aspect of healing.

Ray 6

Ascended Master is Mary Magdelene - She works with the ray of idealism and devotion. It is the ray of the Piscean Age when it was acceptable to devote one's fervour to a guru or saint. Now those on this ray are here to transform dogmatic thinking in religion so that unconditional love can manifest and to turn the hearts and minds of all to God. During her incarnation with Jesus, she was his spiritual partner and they walked the chakra trail together, the path of sacred cathedrals originally built by the Knights Templars.

Archangel Uriel - He works with the purple and gold ray of wisdom and peace and his etheric retreat is above the Tatra Mountains in Poland. His Twin Flame is Aurora and his day of the week is Thursday. He is in charge of the Solar Plexus Chakra. He commands the Angels of Peace and he helps you soothe conflict so that you can find serenity, brother and sisterhood. He breaks your mental and emotional chains and frees you from fears.

Ray 7

Ascended Master is Lady Nada - She works with the ray of ritual, ceremony and magic. This ray will predominate in the Aquarian Age and will enable the spiritual and physical to blend. Lady Nada is said to be the twin flame of Jesus. She still sits on the board of the Lords Of Karma, although this is under review. She is stimulating memories of the ancient healing techniques and awakening sacred wisdom. She helps people of high integrity to develop intuition and the higher psychic energies. Her past lives were believed to be as Elizabeth, mother of John the Baptist. She also promoted Islamic art at the time of Prophet Mohammed.

Archangel Zadkiel - He works with the Violet Ray of Transmutation through forgiveness, compassion and mercy. It is also the ray of ceremonial magic. This ray grounds spirituality into the physical, bringing heaven to earth. His spiritual retreat is in Cuba and his Twin Flame is Amethyst. His day of the week is Saturday. He is in charge of the Seat of the Soul Chakra. He commands the Angels of Mercy, Joy and Transmutation. He directs the angels of Joy and Mercy to transmute lower energies and help people to find forgiveness, diplomacy and tolerance. He is known also as the Angel of Freedom. The Violet Flame of Transmutation dissolves negative vibrations if you call on it to do so. It burns into the source of the blockage and transmutes the heavy vibration into light. There is also a Silver Ray of Grace and Harmony merged with the Violet Flame. This is called the Silver Violet Flame of Grace and Transmutation.

Ray 8

Ascended Master is Kumeka, Lord of Light - He works with this blue topaz ray of deep transmutation, which will bring about great change in the New Age. He came from another universe to this one.

Ray 9

Ascended Master of this yellow ray of harmony is Vosloo - He has undertaken to bring about balance. He understands Atlantis and what went wrong there and is dedicated to ensuring that this time we do not make the same mistakes.

Ray 10

Ascended Master of this citrine ray is Lord Gautama - He is a man of such purity that he became the Buddha. Siddhartha Gautama was the son of an Emperor and he renounced all riches to seek his truth. In deep meditation he became the Buddha at the full moon in 544 BC. This is now known as the Wesak moon. He became the embodiment of wisdom and taught the middle path.

Ray 11

Ascended Master of this emerald ray is Rakoczy - He was an incarnation of St Germain. He worked for the betterment of international affairs and he endeavoured to eliminate bigotry in the religions. He radiates huge power from his heart centre.

Ray 12

Ascended Master of this bright cerise pink ray is Quan Yin - She is the eastern counterpart of Mother Mary. Her task is to re-empower women in the New Age and bring forward the feminine wisdom within men. She represents the 6th ray on the Karmic Board but this is under review. She is the Goddess of Mercy and embodies the Tara energy. She had a 1,000 year incarnation in China where she was worshipped as a Goddess.

The Spiritual Hierarchy

Lord Maitreya


Lord Kuthumi

St Germain

Dwjhal Kuhl

Mother Mary

Theresa of Avila

St Catherine of Sienna

St Clare

Quan Yin


Lord Gautama



Lady Nada

Mary Magdalane


Serapis Bay

Paul the Venetian


El Morya

A list of Archangels and Universal Angels:

Archangels Metatron and Sandalphon

Archangels Michael and Faith

Archangels Gabriel and Hope

Archangels Raphael and Mary


Archangels Uriel and Aurora

Archangels Jophiel and Christine

Archangels Chamuel and Charity

Archangels Christiel and Mallory

Archangels Zadkiel and Amethyst

Archangels Mariel and Lavender

Archangel Voku Monak

Archangel Moroni

Archangel Purlimiek

Archangel Fhelyai

Universal Angels Roquiel and Joules

Archangels Butyalil and Gersisa

Archangel Azrael

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