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Hi everyone, just to let you know, Angelic Light will be closed for Readings, Healing Sessions and Courses from the evening of the 22nd of July 2024 until the 12th of August 2024, for the summer holidays.  My services can still be purchased during this time, but I won't be able to book them in for you or reply to emails until the 12th of August.  On my return, I will book all services in on the order they have been purchased.  Thankyou very much for all of your custom over the last few months, it has been a pleasure helping you all!  Love and hugs, Catherine xxx


Hello and a very warm welcome to my website! My name is Catherine Craig and I am a

~Medium & Intuitive

~Energy Healer

~Complementary Therapist

~Reiki Master/Teacher

~Creator of Magickal Star Creations

~Bookseller & Book Reviewer

I am based in the South Lanarkshire area of Scotland, UK, and I have over 24 years of experience in my spiritual and healing work.  If you wish to find out more about me and my qualifications, please click here. I look forward to working with you and helping you on your path of light!  To find out about the services I can offer you, please see below:

The Services I offer through Angelic Light are as follows:
Spiritual Readings:

offer various types of Spiritual and Intuitive Readings by e-mail. Perhaps you are looking for some spiritual guidance in your life, or you would like to find out which spiritual beings, such as angels and guides, are working with you at the present time. You might be looking for some information about your past lives, or you may be interested in receiving a message from one of your loved ones who have gone to the other side.  Please come and visit my Readings page here to find out more about the different types of Readings I offer, and how they can help you along your path of light. You will be able to find a reading that suits you and your needs at an affordable price. If you then wish to book a Reading with me, please do so in my Readings section of my Web Store, here.  Alternatively, my Readings are also available in my Etsy Shop here.

Healing & Therapy Sessions:

I offer different types of distance Energy Healing & Complementary Therapy Sessions, designed to treat the mind, body and spirit, that will leave you feeling relaxed and rejuvinated. Receiving a distance Healing/Therapy session is a lovely experience, because you will be able to relax in your own home, or wherever you are, whilst enjoying the wonderful energies that are being sent to you. Distance Healing sessions work just as well as in-person ones, since energy can be sent through time and space. Please come and visit my Healing & Therapy Sessions page here for more details on the wonderful sessions I have available for you. If you wish to book a Healing/Therapy Session with me, please do so in the Healing & Therapy Sessions section of my Web Store, here.


Energy Healing Courses: 


I offer many different distance Attunement Courses to help you to connect to your own spiritual and healing gifts and the wonderful spiritual energies and beings that are here to help us. Since these are correspondence courses, they are designed so that you can relax, enjoy and learn in the comfort of your own home. If you are a busy mum with children, are housebound for any reason, work full time and can't get to in-person workshops, or just like to study by distance learning, these courses will suit you perfectly as you can study in your own time and your attunements can be done at a time that suits us both, or they can be prepared for you as a chiball, for you to call in at your own convenience. There is nothing better than being able to lie on your own bed or sit in your favourite armchair to receive a wonderful attunement from Source. To find out more about my Courses, please visit my Courses page here and if you wish to book a Course with me, please do so in the Courses sections of my Web Store, here.


Magickal Star Creations:


I design and create beautiful Magickal Star Creations, of which my Mystickal Jewels are now available again for purchase. These consist of Earrings, Necklaces, Bracelets, Anklets, Serenity Beads, Mobile Phone Charms, Keyrings/Bag Charms, Pendulums and Bookmarks; made from gemstones, beads and charms, and they are all infused with different types of healing system energies and spiritual energies to bring you healing, comfort and a loving connection with the spiritual realms. If you wish to find out more about my hand made creations, please visit my Magickal Star Creations page here and if you wish to purchase any of my creations in the future, please do so in the Magickal Star Creations sections of my Web Store, here.


Books & Book Reviews:


I sell preloved books through my WebStore here.


I also offer book reviews through NetGalley, The Pigeonhole, Edelweiss and BookSirens.  I leave my book reviews on NetGalley, Edelweiss, BookSirens, Amazon UK, Goodreads, Linkedin, X, Facebook, Instagram, TikTok, Pinterest, Waterstones, and my Book Review Blog, which is here.


Special Offers & Free Offerings:


I sometimes have some great Special Offers on - please come and take a look at the Special Offers section on my Web Store, here. These offers change at regular intervals.  I also have a Free Offerings page here, where you can find free self-Attunements and Meditations for you to enjoy.  


Please read my Disclaimer page here before you decide to book any of my Services.


To see what my customers have said about the services I have offered them over the years, please see my Reviews page here. If you would like to send me a review, please put it on the Web Store page of your purchase, or you can email it to me and I will happily add it to my Reviews page.  Thankyou!

Please contact me if you have any questions about my products or services - I will be happy to hear from you!

Contact Details:


Larkhall, South Lanarkshire, Scotland, UK


Opening Hours:

Monday - Friday 10am until 2.30pm

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Contact Me Form:


Please feel free to browse my website at your leisure, and if you would like any more information on any of my services, or if you have any questions at all, please contact me here, or e-mail me at and I will get back to you as soon as possible, from Monday-Friday within my working hours of 10am-2.30pm.  I look forward to hearing from you!

Thanks for submitting!

This is my guide Isabella, daughter of Isis

(Art by Vanya Starchild)

This is my Guide, Goddess Isis

(Art by Pamela Price)

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