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Message from John Lennon 9th March 2012

Message from John Lennon – 9th March 2012

“It is time to put down the guns and the knives and open up to who you truly are. No more war. No more fighting. No more hiding in trenches waiting for your head to be blown off. It is time for you to open your heart to peace and be what you came here to be, and that is a peace warrior. It is time to wake up, along with the other millions of people in the world and do the job you came here to do and that is to be a peace maker. There is no use sitting in your armchairs praying for peace if you don’t get out there and do something about it. This is real and it goes on every day, in every way. It is time to stand up and be counted, for as you do so, others will follow and eventually, the whole world will stand up for what they believe in. Peace is not hard to understand. It is not hard to live in peace or to be peace. It is a part of you. What to do is breathe in the peace and blow out love. Let this circle of light surround you until you are calm and relaxed. Then send this light to others, to their hearts, to their souls, so that it encompasses every living thing around you. This peace will then travel from them to the next person or thing, and this will go on and on, like a choo-choo train of peace unfolding all over the world. Make sure you are on the train ride and vow to never get off. If you need to make a stop for a bit, then of course that is ok, we all have days when we are a bit off. Just make sure you get back on again as quickly as possible, and pull that whistle to get the train moving again.”

“There are many in this world fighting for peace, love and light but they are not being shown in the media. It is time for more peace lovers to come out and show themselves for who they really are and for them to infiltrate the media with love. They are being shut out for a reason and this is because the big cats want to promote negativity and war. The more people read about this negativity, the more negative their thoughts become and this attracts and breeds even more negativity. Turn off your news channels and focus on peace. Focus on peaceful, loving solutions to any problems in the world instead of giving in to what the media want you to feel about them. They want to spread mass fear and this is not on. There is more peace in the world right now than anyone even knows about, but the media do not want to show this. Yes, they will show snippets here and there, for there are a few journalists who do work for the light and to promote world peace. We need to get more peace loving journalists into the system, but this will come in time. You will have noticed that anyone who does try and speak up for the light in the dark system will be brought down and made nullified and void, so you can imagine that most people do not even want to go there. The best thing is to set up your own media groups and get the peace message out that way. All there is a need for is love and this is all there is. Fear is just an absence of love. It is important to spread messages of peace and love each day, but only if you truly feel them deep within your soul. There is no use being fake and posting messages, then going about your daily life in the opposite way. You must bring this peace into yourself and use it throughout your whole life. Only then can you teach about it and truly mean it. Be a soldier for peace today and see how many virtual hugs you can spread around the world. Spread love to the trees, for they need it at this time. They are suffocating with the effects of pollution and they are working hard to clear it. Send them peace and they will love you in return. All peace is, is love. When you are love, you are at peace and when you are at peace you feel love.”

“Go now, lightworkers and be peace. Live peace, work peace, breathe peace, spread peace and see peace everywhere you go. Do not focus on the negativity. See it, acknowledge it, but then release it. Do not hold on to what is not yours. Only hold on to those energies that are your own and even then, make sure they are clean and being recycled daily. Go now, wise warriors and light up the world with your intelligent conversations. Use your light to break down the barriers that have been put up by mankind. Use your virtual sledgehammers to break the ice between each level in society. We are all one and we all come from the same soul. We are like little particles of light, glimmering in the trees, hanging from branches and waiting for all of our lives to end, so that we can go back to spirit and be one with the almighty and all that is whole. We must take time in our lives to appreciate and be grateful for all that we have, for without each other where would we be? Although we live many lives, and these lives can teach us a lot, we do not know ourselves fully until we have merged together all of our beings into one. This can take many eons to master and this is called Nirvana. Once we reach Nirvana, we can choose to incarnate again if we wish, but most souls do not wish to after they have attained this level of perfection. They are wise to stay where they are, in an ever changing sea of light, shrouded in great mystery.”

Enjoy your lives, for you have much to master, and there is no rush to get anything done. There is much in your life that brings you joy, so focus on this and try and let go of negative and stressful thoughts as soon as they come into your mind. There is nothing like stress to bring you down. Try and be more patient, for this will keep you calm and stop rage from forming. If you feel anxious or impatient, stop and breathe deeply, while counting to 10. Only focus on this breath and on the numbers as you form them in your mind. When you reach 10, you should feel much better. In time, you can master your mind, so that nothing affects you, unless you let it. Give peace a chance and know that as you do so, you will feel more uplifted and in control of your life.”

“Be at peace and know that you are doing a good job in the world. Those who are meant to read this message will have it shown to them and those you are not meant to read it will have it hidden from them. Be sure to master your life as much as you can and once you master your mind, you will be in a good position to master everything else around you. You are only a master of your own destiny, so never interfere with another’s free will or try and talk them into things. Let them be who they want to be and they will awaken in their own time. My life was short, but I learnt many, many lessons that were a challenge at the time, but have brought me so much peace now. I am truly at peace with who I am and all that I have gone through has made me a better person. Never forget my message of peace, for I will sing it from the rooftops and I will light up the skies with it. Use your own inner light to spread your own messages of peace and see how they transform the world, one by one. Use my music to propel you forwards in your life and to open your heart to all that you desire. I am with you and I am John and I leave you with my love.”

Channelled by Catherine Robson @ Angelic Light -

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