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Message from Archangel Michael - 25th February 2012

Message from Archangel Michael - 25th February 2012

"It is now time to decide what means more to you and what doesn't, dear ones. It is time to focus on the present and let go of the past and all that no longer serves your purpose. There is a reason why things are changing, and sometimes cords must be cut from past events to allow new doors and opportunities to open for you. Spread your wings and fly and don't let a...nyone stand in your way. All that is not of the light will crumble in their own way. You must focus on the light and move forward with strong hearts and minds. Go forth on your missions with blazing hearts and do God's work. We will fly with you and ensure a safe journey for you all. Go now, sweet ones and light up the sky with your lights! Bring peace to every situtation you find yourself in today and know that we are with you, guiding and protecting you along the way."

Channelled by Catherine Robson @ Angelic Light -

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