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This offer has now closed. The two people to recieve the Readings are Kayla Yetman and Tracy Kelly - Congratulations! Here are your Readings:

Kayla Yetman: There is a lovely Mermaid Guide here for you today. Her name is Oceana and she has long dark hair, green eyes and a green/blue sparkly tail. When the sun shines on her dark hair, you can see streaks of red through it. Her message for you is “Go like the waves of the sea, dear Kayla and open up to your spiritual gifts in a steady and rhythmic manner. Like the sea, you flow and ebb and today you are riding high on the crest of the waves, like a beautiful sea goddess in all her glory. You are one with the sea and all of her beings, for you have been a Mermaid yourself in the days of Atlantis. Yes, you know this, so it is no surprise to you, but we thought we would give you a gentle reminder. Wear the colours of green and blue, for these colours bring out the colours of your eyes and they allow you to remember your sea origins. It is time for you to swim with the dolphins in your healing sessions and in your dreams. They await your call and they cannot wait to work with you on a deeper level. It is time for you to stand up on the stage of life and teach others how to walk their talk. Many are ready to move onto their spiritual path on a deeper level, yet they do not know how to, or they are too scared to move forward. It is your job to gently guide them from the heart, so that they can reach the confidence they need to step forward fearlessly. This is your time dear Kayla, to shine, so go forwards and never look back. You are ready now for the next stage on your path, so accept this with loving arms and an open heart. I am with you always, dear one.”

Tracy Kelly: There is a male Dolphin coming forward for you, by the name of Max. He is a big and strong Bottlenose Dolphin and he says that he is connected with South Africa and this is why he is connected to you. His message for you is “It is time for you to believe in yourself more, for you doubt yourself many times daily, and this is not the way to live. You live in the shadow of others, yet you do not have to, for this is all in your mind. You tend to think that others are greater or better than you; but in truth, they are not. It is just your perception of them that causes you to think this. You are every bit as good as them and you must know that your creations are unique and connected with your soul, and so others who create have their own unique flair also. You must never judge others, for they have their own source of inspiration, just as you have yours. Your market is growing considerably, so be grateful for this and know that by the spring time things will be more abundant for you. You must know this and believe it to be true, so that you can move forth and be confident and proud in all you do. You already know that your gifts and products are of a high quality, so why do you judge yourself so much, my lovely one. You have a harsh view of yourself, yet if you could only see what I see, I can see pure love, coming from a wise heart that is full of many ideas and inspirations. It is time for you to look at yourself with love and see yourself the way others see you. Believe and trust in yourself more, and only then can others be guided to you. You are magnificent, so believe this and know it to be true.”

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