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This offer has now closed. The two people to recieve the Readings are Audrey Barr and Bridget Savage - Congratulations! Here are your Readings:

Audrey Barr: There is a Fairy Guide here for you tonight by the name of Sarah. She has green energies and she says that she has a high wingspan, for she travels far each day to spread love, light and happiness amongst the plants and flowers, as well as to the humans and their animal friends. Her message for you is “Your light has lifted higher in recent times, although you have had a few backward steps at times. Continue to move forward so that you can stay on an even footing along your woodland path. You are ready now to move onto brighter things and these will come in the spring time as the sun shines more brightly. We would like to see you outside more so that you can absorb all the wonderful energies that abound. We send you love each day, but you are not always open to it, for you do not always feel that you deserve it. You must lift your head up high and know that you are loved greatly by so very many people. This love that comes to you must be absorbed and accepted as it will help you to move forward to where you need to be. Love yourself dear one, for you are very loveable indeed! Call on me if you need a hug or someone to talk to. I live in the area around your home and I will gladly share your burdens.”

Bridget Savage: There is a beautiful Fairy Guide with you who has yellow energies and she has butterfly wings that are like leopard print. Her name is Senga and her message for you is “Oh glorious one, you must hold your head up high and never look back to the past, for what happened there is nothing that you should involve yourself in anymore. It is time for you to look to a brighter future now and enjoy all the new energies that are coming to you. You will be doing some more studies soon and these will leave you flying high and on a much higher level that you have been recently. You have had a lot of trauma in your life, but it is time for you to let this go now and only look for positive, uplifting things in your life. It is time for you to think of yourself instead of always only thinking of others. You are worthy and you must treat yourself too. Never leave yourself short to give to others, for you must always think of yourself too. We know that you are a giver and not a taker, but we want you to know that it is ok to receive for once. It will do you the world of good and the first step is for you to receive this message with loving, open arms. We rejoice that you have connected with us this evening and we look forward to many more connections with you in the future. We send you many blessings and lots of sunny energies to brighten your day.”

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