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This offer has now closed. The two people to recieve the Readings are Shefali Burns and Tina Reiter - Congratulations! Here are your Readings:

Shefali Burns: The Angels of Colour say “Pink is the colour for you, dear one. You are needing more love in your life and more compassion, for although you have compassion for others, you are not always being treated in the same way. We send you this beautiful colour in its Magenta shade to heal and soothe you at this time. We know that your heart has felt broken recently and we would like to help you heal it. Do not worry, for previous losses are, in reality, never lost; they are just changed into something else, and they are always around you. We love you very much and we would like to see you working with colour more in your daily life. Another colour that would help you is Turquoise. This is the colour of the throat chakra, as you know, since you are adept at energy work. We feel that you need to speak out a bit more about your feelings and we feel that wearing this colour as a scarf around your neck, or as a necklace, will help you to be more outgoing with your thoughts, feelings and expressions. Take care of yourself, dear one and be sure to give yourself some tender loving care. We love you dearly.”

Tina Reiter: The Angels of Colour have a message for you: “Your colour is Midnight Blue, for you are connected to the stars and the moon and indeed all the beautiful planets that abound in the night sky. You are a star-being and one from afar that needs to be surrounded by blue at all times. Indigo Blue is also a suitable colour for you, that will leave you feeling refreshed and revitalised and connected to your soul energies. The lighter shades of blue also suit your energy stream, but the darker and more vibrant shades give you more healing and they help to bring out your energies more clearly. Also work with Green to balance your energies. An Emerald Green would suit you well, as this would ground you to Mother Earth and allow you to feel more connected on a deeper level to her and her energies. As you connect to the skies with Blue and the earth with Green, you will be truly balanced and this will help you to boost your energies daily for maximum effect. Go now, beloved one, and fill the skies with your beautiful energies, for you are a true lightworker and one who has much to teach others. You are loved beyond measure by your guides and your angels and of course your departed loved ones in heaven. You also have some departed animal friends around you who wish to connect with you.”

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