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This offer has now closed. The two people to recieve the Readings are Samantha Darbera and Bella Denton-Reed - Congratulations! Here are your Readings.

Samantha Darbera: The Animal Guide coming forward for you today is the Wolf. Her name is Rosie and her message for you is “Just as I am a mother to my beautiful cubs, you are too and, like me, you are very protective over your children. I help to guide and protect you to keep you safe, so that you can continue to be a good mother to your children. I am especially connected to your second child, who is a leader and who will bring you much joy and delight. You continue to strive for the best in your life, and this we like to see. You are a goddess of the light and you bring much joy and happiness to others with your fun and playful nature. Although you can be serious at times also, you are mostly found to be dancing and singing in a corner somewhere and your laugh is infectious. Keep on being the beautiful person you are and call on me at any time when you need a little push in a certain direction, or if you need some extra confidence or energy. I am always here for you and I have been with you since birth. I will be with you until you die, as I am your protector and I will never leave your side.”

Bella Denton-Reed: The Animal Guide coming through for you is a green Snake. His name is Jasper and his message for you is “You are ready now to go on and face some new challenges in your life. It is time for you to push forward to achieve your dreams, as when you do so, you will feel greatly satisfied. You are ready now to move onto the next stage of your journey, which will include studying Colour Therapy; something you have wanted to study for a long time now. This will be brought to you in the spring time and you will be well ready for these new studies and a whole new adventure to explore. Be sure to keep your energies grounded like I do, for you are close to the Earth, although not quite as close as I am since I live on it. I will help you to ground at any time, to ask me and I shall be there to bring your energies into deep balance. Continue to help others, for this is your path and you are a very good teacher for others. Do not forget to take care of yourself also, for sometimes you neglect this while you are caring for others. Remember your salt baths, for your love of water always reconnects you to your Atlantean days and this is a good time and place for you to connect to daily. I go now but I wish you well on the next stage of your journey.”

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