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Unicorn Energy Healing System Distance Course
This beautiful healing system from the wonderful Unicorns was created by Jay Burrell and Heidi Gerbhard-Burger in 2005. It will introduce you to the energies of the mystical unicorns, who symbolise love, purity, innocence, clarity and goodness of the heart. 
The unicorns are coming to us now to teach and show us the gift of unconditional love, as well as the power of healing through their energies and the energies of the unicorn horn. 
Unicorns do live here on earth, but they vibrate at a higher frequency than us, just like the angels and fairies, which is why we can't always see them. If you raise your energy to meet theirs, you might just be able to get a glimpse of one, or feel one around you.
  Included in the manual for this healing system is a meditation to an enchanted forest meet your unicorn guide, which is a beautiful experience. You will also find the symbol of the unicorn horn there too, which is very magical indeed. You will be taught how to use the unicorn energy for healing yourself and others, and how to pass on this wonderful attunement.
*Come and connect with the magical unicorns!* 
Once you have been attuned to this system, you will be able to use this energy for yourself and others. You will also be able to pass this attunement on to others. 
You will receive: 1 e-mailed manual (15 pages), 1 distance attunement, an e-mailed certificate and my full support by e-mail before, during and after your course.
 The Founder of the system is: Jay Burrell and  Heidi Gerbhard-Burger. 
Is this a Healing System or Empowerment? Healing System.
Are there any Prerequisites? No 
What is the approximate length of the attunement? 20-30 minutes 
Case Studies: If you wish, you can complete case studies for this course. If you do wish to complete case studies, you will receive a CERTIFICATE OF MASTERY, which mentions that you have completed case studies. If you do not wish to complete case studies, you will receive a CERTIFICATE OF ATTUNEMENT. Please let me know whether you would like to complete case studies or not by using the drop down menu below. 
For more information, please visit my About Angelic Light Courses  page.

Unicorn Energy Healing System Distance Course

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