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Magickal Colour Reiki Distance Course
Magickal Colour Reiki connects you to spirit and enhances your magickal work and your lightwork with the power of colour.  It also helps with healing, and manifesting your goals. Colour magick is powerful.
You will learn which colors to use for healing chakras, which colours to use for manifesting your goals, and which colours to use for healing body, mind, and spirit.
Magickal Colour Reiki instantly connects you to the energies of colours whenever you need them. And you may be surprised to discover that colour energies can help you with just about anything.
Colour effects our mood, emotions, and energetic bodies. It also holds the power to enhance any magickal work and to enhance healing in every area.  The hot colours like red, orange, and yellow can add passion, excitement, or happiness. The blues, greens, and purples are cooler and can calm, heal, and transmute negative energies.
In the manual, you