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Spirit Guide Reading by email

💜 Spirit Guide Reading 💜 - have you ever wondered what spirit guides you have working with you? Would you like to find out who they are and what messages they have for you? If so, why not book a channelled Reading with me!

With this type of Reading, I will bring through lovingly channelled guidance and support for you from your spirit guides and/or animal guides, and I will let you know who some of them are. This is a lovely Reading to have, as it is interesting to find out who your helpers are, and perhaps even what they look like. Sometimes they will even give me their name, but this is not always guaranteed. Your spirit guides are lovely, wise beings who help you throughout different parts of your life, and they love you very much.

My Readings come in 5 sizes - Mini, 1 page, 2 page, 3 page and 4 page.

Your Reading will be sent to your email address as a pdf file, usually around 10 days after you have booked it.

🌈 Price/Energy Exchange: all of my Readings are currently On Sale and my prices start at only £8 for a Mini Reading!

If you would like to explore booking a Reading with me, please see the following link:

I look forward to working with you! Love and hugs, Catherine xxx

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