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New! Reading/Healing Combo Packages!

Hi everyone,

NEW to Angelic Light are my Reading/Healing Combo Packages! All Readings are sent by e-mail and all Healing Sessions are sent distantly.

These cost:

£10 for a Mini Reading with 15 minute Healing Session

£22 for a 1 page Reading with 30 minute Healing Session

£32 for a 2 page Reading with 30 minute Healing Session

£42 for a 3 page Reading with 30 minute Healing Session

£52 for a 4 page Reading with 30 minute Healing Session

£62 for a 5 page Reading with 30 minute Healing Session

Combos to choose from are:

Divine Guidance Reading & Healing Session (of choice)

Angel & Ascension Reading & Angel & Ascension Therapy Session

Animal Communication Reading & Animal Healing Session (for pets)

Animal Guide Reading & Animal Spirit Energy Healing Session

Colour Reading & Colour Therapy Session

Crystal Reading & Crystal Therapy Session

Egyptian Reading & Seichim/Egyptian Healing Session

Golden Atlantis Reading & Atlantean Healing Session

Lemurian Reading & Lemurian Healing Session

Magickal/Enchanted Reading & Magickal/Enchanted Healing Session

Nature Spirit Reading & Nature Spirit Healing Session

Oceanic Energy Reading & Oceanic Energy Healing Session

Past Life Reading & Karmic Reiki Healing Session

Plant Energy Reading & Plant/Herbology Energy Healing Session

Shamanic Reading & Shamanic/Earth Based Healing Session

Spirit Reading (Mediumship) & Usui Reiki Healing Session

Spirit Guide Reading & Spirit Guide Healing Session

Tarot Reading & Magickal/Enchanted Healing Session

Here is the link on my Webstore if you wish to purchase one :-)

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