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Message from Goddess Isis 21/12/2021

Updated: Feb 19

*Message from Goddess Isis* ~ "It is the season to be jolly, so let go of any dark feelings that you are holding, and celebrate the light that is all around you.  Know that you are safe and protected, and that you are a Child of the light.  Although all around you may seem chaotic, if you look more closely, you will see you will see a lot of brightly shining, twinkling lights around you, which are the beings who are all around you, both in spirit and in physical form.  You are all shining lights, so do not listen to those who do not believe in the health of the human body, and it's strength at overcoming obstacles thrown at it.  The human body is a mighty vessel, which is full of light and wonder.  Look after your body and treat it well, and it will give you good service in return.  A good way to look after your body is to put good fuel into it, such as healthy foods and tonics.  When you look to the plant kingdom, you will find all that you need there.  For every disease on the planet, there is a plant that will cure it, or lessen it's symptoms.  You only have to look and you will find one which matches any disease that you may have around you at this time.  Know that along with a good diet, and plant medicine, you can also use spiritual healing, which is available freely to everyone.  There are other options for you which will help you with your health, that you might like to explore." "Use your gifts wisely, especially that of intuition, to find out what is best for your own health.  There are those in the world who do not want you to use your own gifts to find out the healthiest healing techniques that you can use.  So, be aware of this, but also, go with what you feel is best for your own healing.  You are a sovereign being of light, and you must choose the best healing plan for yourself.  It is your body, and no-one elses.  So, do not let anyone tell you what to do; even me.  You can listen to different opinions, but always listen to yourself and your own feelings, and choose your own path of healing.  You are free, so enjoy your freedom, and do not let anyone tie you down or tell you what to do.  In the spiritual realms, you are free to choose your path, and in the physical body, you are also free to choose your path.  So, be brave and strong and stand in your own power and your own light.  Be the master you are, and do not let anyone tell you who you should be, or try to get you to do something that you do not wish to do. As long as you work from your heart, and for the light, you are free to be the sovereign spirit that you came here to be.  Rise up, glorious ones and embrace the light, which is powerful and strong at this time!  I wish you all peace, freedom and joy this holiday season, and may the blessings of light be yours."

Channelled by Catherine Craig on 21/12/2021

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