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"Go gently inside and feel the peace, love and joy that radiates inside you. Although the world seems to be in turmoil, a greater plan is unfolding and that is one of great joy, as the world unites in peace and love. The world must move on now, and in doing so, each person strengthens their bond to each other, allowing greater light to unfold. The heavens are sending their own unique energies to help mankind. Be patient and you will see the greater picture, for what will unfold will be great strength and resiliance and great plans for the future. Go in love, peace and joy my children and be there for each other. Do not turn your backs to the darkness, but instead, let it be as it is and reach for the stars. Concentrate on the light and know that we are working behind the scenes to bring aid to those who need it. Do not fret or worry for all will be well. Those who have crossed over are safe and well in the spiritual realms and they are at peace. You must focus your love on those who are still alive and help them, for they are living in sorrow. Shine your light upon them and send them waves of pure joy and delight, for they do not know how to feel this right now. Bless them with your rays of great power and love and help them to shine again.

Go in peace, my beloveds and do your duty. Forever yours, your warrior, Archangel Michael"...


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