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February Newsletter and Special Offers

Happy February everyone! The sun is shining today in Scotland, after a crazy weather week. I hope you are all doing good! January has been a lovely month for Angelic Light and I have loved working with you all through my services, as well as my website, facebook and other social media. I love chatting to you all and helping you each day!

Price Increase - I have increased the prices of my Readings by £1 per page and I have also increased the prices of some of my Attunement Courses and Course Packages. The prices for my Crystal Jewellery and Healing Sessions will remain the same. This is the first time in 7 years that I have raised my prices, and I had to do so, as my expenses have been raising gradually each year and also, I do spend a lot of time doing all my work and a lot of things behind the scenes too. I will continue to provide you all with a high quality service.

*Special Offers for February 1st-7th* - I have now decided to offer weekly Special Offers instead of my Monthly ones. I hope you will enjoy these new changes! I can then focus on a smaller amount of offers at the one time and there will be a nice variation of offers throughout the month. The following products and services are on offer through my website until the evening of the 7th February:

~ Archangel Ariel's Courage Earrings: £4.44 plus P&P (usual price £6) - these gorgeous Earrings are made from Prase, Rose Quartz and Blue Grass Jasper crystals, Archangel charms and silver plated findings. They have been filled with the energies of the Lightworker Ariel Archangelic Link to bring you healing and a connection with Ariel as you wear them.

~ Archangel Ariel's Courage Necklace: £7.77 plus P&P (usual price £10) - this beautiful Necklace is made from Prase, Rose Quartz and Blue Grass Jasper crystals, an Angel Wings charm, an organza ribbon necklace and silver plated findings. It has been filled with the energies of the Lightworker Ariel Archangelic Link to bring you healing and a connection with Ariel as you wear it.

~ Angel & Ascension Therapy Distance Session: £12.12 (usual price £15) - this heavenly 30 minute Healing Session will be from the amazing Angels and/or Ascended Masters and it is a brilliant session to receive as it is very soothing and relaxing. You can choose the types of Angel or Ascension Healing energies you wish me to use for your session, or I can let the Angels and Masters guide me as to which ones would be best for you at this time. This session is great, as you can relax in the comfort of your own home while I send the energies to you. A lot of my clients fall asleep after they have received their healing session and the usually email me the next morning to say that they had the best night’s sleep in a long time.

~ 4 page Reading by email: £40 (usual price £44) - this great Reading will be lovingly channelled for you and then your messages will be typed up for you on a Microsoft Word document and sent to you by email. You can choose which type of Reading you would like out of a list (please see the listing on my Webstore for more details), and you can also ask up to 8 questions or have guidance on up to 8 areas of your life. As well as the beautiful channelled messages I bring through for you, I may also choose some Oracle and Tarot cards for you if I am guided to. The Readings I do come through in a similar fashion to Spiritual Counselling and all of the messages will be brought to you in a loving way that will leave you feeling empowered and ready to move on to the next stage of your life. They can be very healing, touching and even educational, and I just love bringing through these Readings.

~ Colour, Chakra, Aura & Meridian 10 Course Package (Distance Learning): £77 (usual price £99) - with this great value package, you will be able to choose 10 Attunement Courses that relate to Colour and the Chakras/Aura/Meridians. This is a wonderful package that will give you lots of healing tools and energies to help you on your path of self-development and you will also be able to pass these energies on to others when you have completed each course, so you get to spread the light even further! You will have my full support by email before, during and after each of your courses and you will also receive a Certificate of Attunement after each course. If you wish, you can complete case studies to receive a Certificate of Mastery for each course completed instead. I just love reading all the beautiful case studies that my students have lovingly worked on and compiled. It warms my heart to know that the beautiful energies are being used so amazingly and I love seeing my students grow with each course they complete and each set of case studies they hand in. Of course, you are not required to do case studies, but if you are guided to do them, do not worry, as they are not hard and are just to show that you have been using and enjoying the energies sufficiently. Most of my Course prices if bought separately are in the range of £10-£15 per single attunement course (more if the course has several attunements), so this package is really great value for money and with the extra discount, it is even more worth it. You will get a lot out of it and it will enrich your life.

For more details of these great products and services and if you would like to treat yourself to one of them, please see the link to all offers here

I look forward to helping you along your path of light and bringing you some beautiful energies! If you have any questions, please email me at any time.

Social Media - please come and join me on my facebook page here as I post inspirational photos, offers, channelled messages, affirmations, educational posts and more here each day! I also post occasional free offerings. You can also find me on Twitter here I would love to connect with you through these social media, if we are not connected already.

Lots of love and hugs, Catherine xxx

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