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Colour & Crystal Reading by email

💜 Colour & Crystal Reading 💜 - are you interested in what colours are around you, or what crystals you should work with? If so, why not treat yourself to a channelled Reading from me!

With this type of Reading, I will tune into your chakras and auric field to bring you intuitive guidance about what colours are showing as most prominent for you and I will ask your spirit guides and angels to give me a message for you about your energy system. I will let you know what your soul colour is, what colours you should be using more in your life and what they mean and I will channel a message for you from the angels of colour. I will bring through channelled guidance for you from the beings and energies of the crystal kingdom and I will also use my intuition to pick etheric crystals for your reading and I will explain what each crystal means. Along with your channelled messages, I may also use chakra, colour or crystal oracle/tarot cards or colour ribbons/colour bottles to complement your Reading.

My Readings come in 5 sizes - Mini, 1 page, 2 page, 3 page and 4 page.

🌈 Price/Energy Exchange: all of my Readings are currently On Sale and my prices start at only £8 for a Mini Reading!

Your Reading will be sent to your email address as a pdf file, usually around 10 days after you have booked it.

If you would like to explore booking a Colour & Crystal Reading with me, please see the following link:

I look forward to working with you and helping you! Love and hugs, Catherine xxx 💜

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