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Flower Essence Reiki Distance Course


Flower essences are a gentle way to provide healing on a deep level without major side effects or clearing symptoms. Rather than clearing out the negative energy in a manner that might shock the system, flower essences work to lift the energy up. They heal through the transmutation of negative energy.

Each individual flower has its own energetic signature or vibration that works on a specific issue. For example, if you have issues with trust, you would use a flower essence that alleviated trust issues. If you were harboring deep resentment, you would work with a flower essence that helped heal the wounds that caused the resentment.

Flower essences are wonderful, effective healing tools, but there are a few downsides to using them. One is that they traditionally require a physical bottle to transmit, and finding the right essence can be challenging. (Flower essences are rarely sold in stores. If they are, usually only the Bach Flower Essences are available.)

Additionally, if you don't choose the right essence for the issue, the essence will often have no effect whatsoever.

Flower Essence Reiki simplifies the process. You don't have to use a physical bottle (unless you want to). You can use one symbol and send a ray of flower energy to the recipient. This takes out the guesswork of having to choose a flower essence.

You can also choose specific essences to work with as well, for added potency and focus.

Flower Essence Reiki, like flower essences themselves, is extremely gentle and a good Reiki energy to use if you want to reduce the chance of clearing symptoms after a healing session.

Flower Essence Reiki has one main symbol to use for general healing.  With a general healing, you will be sending a combination flower essence energy that serves as a “generic” flower essence vibration, if you will.

Additionally, you can give your healing more potency by using a specific flower essence, provided the recipient needs that particular energy. You will need to be attuned to the specific essence or use a flower essence bottle for this.

In the manual you will learn all about how to use this system for healing as well as being shown a meditation and how to pass on the attunement to others.

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