If you have received a Reading, Healing Session, Therapy Session, Attunement Course or Magickal Light Creation from me, please add a Testimonial to this page if you wish. I would be very grateful - many thanks!

Love, Catherine xxxx

Quotes Divine Guidance Reading: Hi Catherine I am so amazed (but not surprised) at the Divine Guidance reading you did for me. It was lovely that my nan and granddad came through for me, especially my nan as she and I were so close. It was so reassuring to know that they are with us whenever we need them. Thank you as well for the guidance that came through. It has confirmed that I am on the right path and also clarified to me why I had to return to my role as air crew! I feel really happy and reassured that life is just how it should be for me and has also given me even more optimism for the future! I have no hesitation in recommending you to others who may be looking for a reading and will refer people to your site as I am asked all the time for honest and accurate readers. Quotes

Quotes Divine Guidance Reading: I have had many readings by Catherine through the years. Her incredible gift, talent and love from angels, guides, loved ones and others that come through bring such peace and direction in my life. Even as a psychic and an author, I still need guidance in some areas and Catherine is the one I keep coming back to for help. Her incredible readings can and will change your life. How blessed we all are to have her here helping and guiding us along in our lives. Thank you Catherine for your work and for touching my life so deeply and profoundly with your readings. You are indeed an angel on earth and I am blessed to know you. Nikki Pattillo Quotes

Quotes Unicorn Energy Healing System Distance Course: Unicorn Healing is the second healing system that Catherine has attuned me to and by far one of my favourites. Although I work with Unicorns in my business, the attunement was a beautiful experience and I really enjoyed the unicorn meditation that accompanies the course. Catherine is a wonderful Teacher too, very genuine and really does care about bridging the light amongst us. I would highly recommend this healing system, even if you don?t want to practice with the energy, just being attuned will aid your spiritual ascension, especially as we move towards 2012, as well as help your communication with these wondrous beings. Calista Quotes

Quotes Divine Guidance Reading - John I have had many readings over the last few years, looking for direction and someone i can trust. I'm very glad to say that I have found the best medium, Catherine. Her readings are shockingly accurate and it's almost like she knows you. Catherine has helped me over the last twelve months in many ways. Her loving guidance and excellent connection to spirit make her not only a brilliant psychic medium but also a very good friend. I have never met someone so caring and willing to help as Catherine. She is always at the end of a email even after you have had your reading, to help and offer support. As a medium myself, I can say that she has a very exciting career ahead of her......10 out of ten, shes the real deal! John XX Quotes

Quotes Distance Attunements: I would just like to say that I have completed 2 courses with Catherine, I did them through long distance attunements, which felt lovely, and I hope to do many more in the future. I can really recommend these courses. Many thanks Catherine, Kind regards, Kareen Hubbard. Quotes

Quotes Spirit Guide Readings: I have had a few readings off Catherine now, and I must say I have been very impressed indeed. Her readings are always incredibly detailed not to mention very accurate. Catherine has a wealth of knowledge, and what seems a never ending supply of spirit helpers to call on. I have had many readings from other psychics but none have blown me away like Catherine's have. I would encourage anyone to have a reading even if they are not looking at specific areas in their life for guidance. Much Love, Belinda. Quotes

Quotes Distance Attunements: I started taking long distant attunements with Catherine in 2009 and immediately felt a connection with her. I was pregnant at the time, and not only did I feel the sensations of the attunement but the baby did too. It was an amazing experience. Not only does Catherine teach, but she also provides advice on other spiritual matters. She responds really fast to any questions or queries, her website is extremely informative and she a brilliant spiritual teacher. Catherine is also extremely giving in all that she does and I would definately recommend Catherine as a Master/Teacher to anyone who wants to further their spiritual career. Tracy Kelly, Grimsby, UK. Quotes

Quotes Angel & Ascension Reading and Distance Attunements: Catherine thank you so much for my Angel & Ascension Reading you done for me. It is so accurate, and very comforting. I read over anytime I feel low or doubt and it always makes me feel better, inspires me and above all reminds me to keep faith. I thank you too, for all your attunements, You have such a loving kind energy that is apparent with your attunemnets and healing. Your thoughtfulness and care before, during and after is so welcome and your many offers on your services are appreciated. Thank you for all you do and may you continue to be blessed and a blessing to us all. Tracey Hougham, Dorset. Quotes

Quotes Distance Attunements and Divine Guidance Reading: I have known and worked with Catherine @ Angelic light for over a year now and I actually had my first distant reiki attunement with Catherine (Kundalini Reiki ) in September 2009, which was a wonderful attunement : ) and had me addicted! I have also had a Reading with Catherine which was very good and helped me. Catherine is a lovely, warm hearted lady whose warmth comes through her energy work and personality. I am very grateful to her in lots of ways and I'm so glad I took that first step with the Kundalini last year as so much has happened and I feel so different in myself and my spiritual path : ) Thankyou very much Catherine : ) Lots of love, Lorraine xoxoxo Quotes

Quotes I have received Healings from Catherine and I loved the very first one - Kundalini Healing. I still to this moment can feel, see and remember it with great detail and the most intense energy of Love and Joy. Catherine was the first to clearly explain that all of it was within my power to have and create myself, that alone is etched in my heart, that I was worthy to heal and was unconditionally loved on all aspects of my being. Catherine is one of the best examples of bringing the spiritual down into the earthly planes and all you have to do is see how she balances her gifts, family, friends and students and she does it with Joy. Whether you are beginning a journey, midway, wherever you are in your Journey, Catherine will have an answer to point anyone to their next step. Distance is not an issue, no time or place, Catherine will touch your very heart and soul. It is with Great Love and Joy that I give this testimonal. Quotes
Rhonda Lazemizadeh aka Fereshte of Shata Lake, California USA.
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