If you have received a Reading, Healing Session, Therapy Session, Attunement Course or Magickal Light Creation from me, please add a Testimonial to this page if you wish. I would be very grateful - many thanks!

Love, Catherine xxxx

Quotes Hi Catherine, thank you for the Spirit Guide Reading you did for me, it all made sense to me and answered questions I had been asking for a while, also the message you gave me from my mum meant the world to me, to know she is still by my side and watching out for me. Quotes
Beth xx (Shira Aaliyah)

Quotes Archangelic Seichim Reiki Distance Course: HI Catherine I have been working with Seichim Reiki energies for a long time, but to compare to this new Archangelic Seichim Reiki is different. For the last week my energy has been increasing a lot. Everytime that I work with it, it is so strong that there are times that my body feels like it is electrified. It creates aroud me a very strong sheild of protection against negative energies from others. When I did the self attunement I had tears rolling down my face. Thank you so much for this beautiful gift. I can't wait to receive my certificate so that I can start printing my new brochures. This is the gift that I have been waiting for the Angels guided me to find your site and I am grateful to them for this. Love & Light Pierre Quotes

Quotes Dolphin Reiki Distance Course and Elemental Reiki Distance Course: I have had the Dolphin reiki attunement and the Elemental reiki attunements with Catherine and both were very relaxing and uplifting experiences. I recieved my manuals straight away before the attunements and I also recieved my certificates through the post straight away. I find Catherine very easy to communicate with and she is happy to help with any questions in regards to the courses that I have looked into doing with her. I highly recommend the courses to others looking into long distance reiki attunements. Blessings to you Beth x Quotes

Quotes Kundalini Reiki Distance Course: Thank you Catherine! My body felt like it vibrated the whole time. It also feels hot and I feel great and peaceful. Thank you again very much. Love, Terri Quotes

Quotes Kundalini Reiki Distance Course: Thank you Catherine, When I received my attunement by body felt hot all over. I was definitely relaxed and felt very peaceful as well. I actually tried the level 2 on me last night because my shoulders and back were stiff. The stiffness is gone and it felt great. Thank you, Terri Quotes

Quotes Unicorn Energy Healing System Distance Course: Hello Catherine... Thank you for sending me the Unicorn Healing Atunement, it was awesome, I felt them with me and I felt wonderful. You are an Amazing person Catherine with so many gifts that you can pass on to others. Blessings, Jeanette Quotes

Quotes Angel Light Initiation Distance Course: Hello Catherine.... Thank you so much for the Attunement of Angel Light Intitation. I felt real great when I received it and felt the Angels around me. I am looking forward to using it as well. You are amazing and a wonderful friend. Blessings, Jeanette Quotes

Quotes Divine Guidance Reading: Hello Catherine, Thank you so much for the wonderful Divine Guidance reading, you were spot on with everything that you wrote. I know this reading will help me along my path, you gave me the answers I was looking for. Thank you again Catherine you are Truly Amazing with the beautiful gifts you share with others.. Sending Blessings of Light and Happiness to you. Jeanette Quotes

Quotes Divine Guidance Reading: Hi Catherine "Namaste" "Thank you" so much,for the wonderful reading my friend. It was and is, a truly beautiful and moving experience. The vibration of the words and message, are, of pure oneness, love, light. You are a beautiful, beautiful, soul Catherine, whose gifts, are being used both wisely and well, for the benefit of all ~ I salute you my friend. May your heart, always flow with the pure love of source...with creator essence.....may your existance, be one of being. Have a wonderful journey Catherine ~ I`m sure you will! I love you, Love Dharminder Quotes

Quotes Spirit Readings: I would just like to say that Catherine has very kindly done me two readings. She has had my late husband draw close and has been able to pass messages and words from him that i cant believe the accuracy of her picking up. It was like actually talking and listening to my husband. They were unbelievable. It helped me comfirm and find peace in my heart that my beautiful husband and wonderful dad to our 2 boys is aware and still looking out for us. She is truly an angel.. Catherine is a kind and warm hearted person and I'm so grateful for finding her and will be having more readings from her in the future. The accuracy of her readings are wow wow wow.. Lots of love to Catherine and her family, lots of love and hugs to this lovely precious angel. l love you love Trish xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx Quotes
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