If you have received a Reading, Healing Session, Therapy Session, Attunement Course or Magickal Light Creation from me, please add a Testimonial to this page if you wish. I would be very grateful - many thanks!

Catherine xxx

Quotes I completed my angel healing course with Catherine, and Dolphin and Unicorn healing too. I use them all and really noticed the difference as soon as I was attuned to them. I have also had a fantastic reading with Catherine also, so have several of my friends. She is affordable too. But most of all, exteremly good at what she does. Thankyou Ccatherine. xxx Quotes
Debbie Wildi

Quotes I have completed several distance courses with Catherine, and had a couple of readings by her as well as one healing session. I am SO glad that I found Catherine's site last year. I knew instantly that she was the right teacher for me. She puts so much care into every session that she does, and is extremely knowledgeable about every subject that she teaches. Each time I have emailed her with a question, I have received a prompt, detailed, and friendly reply. It is obvious from every interaction with her that she truly cares about every student/client, and that this is not "just" a business to her. Catherine has also been extremely supportive to me as I've started up my own business doing intuitive readings. Thank you Catherine, I'm so glad that you are sharing your gifts with the world! Quotes
Nahanni Faith
Nahanni Faith Intuitive Readings

Quotes I am enjoying your web-site. It is very informative. I have printed out the free attunements and some of the meditations. I forget to mention that I took two free attunements from Nicole Lanning. Image Reiki and Pain management impowerment. I felt great. You have a Blessed day. Quotes
Bernard Marks

Quotes Thank you so much for The Unicorn Attunement last evening. I also sensed the energy of Diana Cooper during this attunement. I was surprised because in the beginning of the attunement my Unicorn Guide came near me and suddenly touched my forehead and my eyelids with her golden horn energy (I felt it was a female energy) I also saw fairies helping in this healing. Quotes
Maria Campos

Quotes Thank u so much for the Unicorn Attunement last night, I met my Unicorn he is called Sherpa also met an native american indian spirit guide called Gofer, he was a medicine man, again thank u for ur kindness in sharing this experience with us all around the world, Love & Light Quotes
Antoinette Doyle ( Reiki Master)

Quotes Divine Awesomness is what comes to my mind after surfing the site!! So much love & abundance dwells in u dear Catherine that you feel so content to share it with the world - a quality so rare today!! Thank you so much for these wonderful uplifting teachings/attunement /meditations and above all, Thank You for the gift of YOU to us all ;-) luv n light - always! Xx Quotes

Quotes What a wonderful blessing you are to pass and be of service as you are. These are wonderful and highly energetic attunements and meditations. Thank you for sharing these with others and shining brightly your own inner light. With love and light Quotes
Tami - Healings of the Heart

Quotes Catherine, your free offerings and sharing of the Angel attunements and the meditations are wonderful. I came across your site today via facebook and am very happy to meet you and share in your work.. I will be telling others about your lovely website here too...thank you and the Angels. Namaste xx Quotes
Lynda - Kiwi Chick

Quotes I have received many readings and healing sessions from Catherine over the past 4 years. I have also completed a number of distance courses with her too. Catherine is a truly amazing lady with an abundance of healing and intuitive talents. She is a beautiful lady who has many wonderful gifts to offer the world. Thank you Catherine for being you! Much love xxxxx Quotes
Nicole Wulfekuhle

Quotes Catherine is a caring, skilled and loving lightworker. Her Spirit mini-reading was accurate and thoughtful, and brought me comfort when I was missing my Nan the most (even though I had not revealed to Catherine that it was my Nan to whom I wanted to connect.) Thanks, Catherine, for all you do! Quotes
Joanna Gawn
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