If you have received a Reading, Healing Session, Therapy Session, Attunement Course or Magickal Light Creation from me, please add a Testimonial to this page if you wish. I would be very grateful - many thanks!

Love, Catherine xxxx

Quotes I love your website I just joined up as a member, thank you for the free distant healing session, I used the Chi ball, I then did the free Dolphin Attunement, was lovely energy and I felt so peaceful and a lot of tingling in my crown area , many thanks xx Monica xx Quotes

Quotes Angel & Ascension Reading: Amazing amazing amazing Angel & Ascension Reading Catherine. Thank you so so much. It was beautiful and spot on and has made a difference to me already, regarding my question I asked you. You are awesome. Lots of love xxx:- Quotes
Lisa Murray

Quotes Angel & Ascension Reading: "What a perfect reading for me... Spot On... Many thanks, it was such a thrill to Win This." Quotes

Quotes Animal Guide Reading: "Thank you so much, I love it, Rosie, what a cute and lovely name for a wolf! That's the positve boost of energy I needed on this again so cold day. Thank you for being such a warm and bright light Catherine! :-)" Quotes

Quotes Nature Spirit Reading: "Thank u sooo much, much needed encouragement." x Quotes

Quotes Colour Reading: "Thank you sooo much Catherine, I didn't know what to expect when I chose this reading, but it really resonates with me, especially about expressing myself and I have been in denial about my heart being broken, lol, but I am getting much better, thank you again, love and blessings." Quotes

Quotes Spirit Reading (Mediumship): "Thanks Catherine for the most touching readings i have received through your offer. My tears were literally dripping down my face with joy and comfort. I feel more at peace now and looking fwd to the future" xx Quotes
Tracy Kelly

Quotes Nature Spirit Reading: "OMG!! Catherine, thank you so much for bringing me this reading. It has brought tears to my eyes, but I rejoice in it's beautiful uplifting message to me. I recently did a Unicorn attunement and my Unicorn I connected with was bathed in yellow! Obviously a meaningful colour for me. I look forward to connecting with Senga again. Thank you so much" xxx Quotes

Quotes Crystal Therapy Distance Session - "I would highly recommend this, the energies are calm and relaxing yet very powerful and cleansing. I felt very light, uplifted and supported after and the next day I was full of energy and in a joyful and serene mood. I would say if you are questioning this; no hesitation necessary. Much love and Blessings to all!!!!!!!!!" Quotes
Anna Domotor

Quotes Hi Catherine, hope all is well with you family and all that follow your page. I just want to say thank you for all the love you give and all the lessons. It truly comes from the heart and how bless I am we all are that you are in our lives. God bless you your family and all in your page. Quotes
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