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Love, Catherine xxxx

Quotes Divine Guidance Reading and Animal Guide Reading - "WOW" - What can I say "Impressed Much " I had been through a tough time lately and was in a bit of hibernation but also felt I was sitting at a crossroads. Some of the reading I know by intuition with how I was going through the motions , but thanks to the readings I now understand where I am and where spirit is leading me. Thank you Catherine for your work. Love and Light to all. Quotes
Bill Wilson
Brother Lightworker

Quotes Hi, must admit I was a little dubious about the Auric Flush, but I had wonderful experiences during the attunement. When I did self-healing and sent it to someone else, we could both collaborate our experiences, which is amazing, and proved to me that it really does work!! You have a lovely energy and are an amazing teacher. Thank you x Quotes
Lin Mason
Auric Flush experiences

Quotes WOW! I had the most amazing reading from Catherine! What a talented lady she is, I will definitely be back for more. Many thanks Catherine. Go on, treat yourself, you won't regret it. Quotes
Muriel Alicia

Quotes Animal Communication Reading: I recently received an Animal Communication reading from Catherine. The only information she had about my two donkeys and one of my dogs were their names and their photographs, yet I have to say that I was amazed by how accurately their personalities came through with her! She described each of them so incredibly well. This left me with no doubt that they were doing the talking, and so I was able to pay attention to the insights that she passed to me, which were both helpful and thought provoking. I would have no hesitation in asking her to do more of these readings for me, and I know that I would find them useful. Thank you Catherine! Quotes
Deborah Moran

Quotes Oceanic Energy Reading: "Wow! Thank you so much Catherine, I love this reading and it resonates completely as I have been on a path of manifestation and have been waiting for guidance on the next step. I love the Mermaid guide and the connections she shared and my eyes are green/blue depending on what I wear. Thank you so much again Catherine, I absolutely love this reading!" Quotes

Quotes Animal Guide Reading: "Thank you sooooooo much Catherine! Just read my reading and I love it! It all rings true, thank you so much for tuning in and channeling these wonderful messages for me. You are wonderful, thank you :) xxx (And thank you Jasper the Snake too! Feel guided to go and find my Rainforest Jasper crystal to connect with him further, now and in the future)". x Quotes
Bella Reed

Quotes Angel & Ascension Reading: "Absolutely loved my detailed reading. Big grins all round after the initial..."are they talking about me? Am I worthy of this?".......thank you so much, you really have helped me to start smiling again xxx" Quotes
Kate Johnson

Quotes Divine Guidance Reading: "WOW! My god what a talented reader you are! Thank you Catherine from the bottom of my heart, this reading has been such a tremendous help. I will definitely be coming back to you in the future for any guidance and help." Quotes

Quotes Dolphins of Atlantis Attunement: "Thank you, again! It was the perfect timing for me, I had just prayed as I read your lovely gift. .. At the beginning, I "heard" the sound of water and I saw dolphins. I felt also Light and a soft vibrating Energy. Now I feel totally refreshed and very well. Blessed be" Quotes
Carmela Schiavone

Quotes Dolphins of Atlantis Attunement: "Yes i enjoyed it very well today. Went into deep relaxing and meditation there i laid at my accupuncture's bench. I was somethere im unsure where was (but guess must have been other dimensions), someone hold my hand and another i sensed work on heart chacra, while a 3rd kittle and work on my troat chacra. It was deep peace and love. I know this attune combined with the accupuncture neals has healed me. Blessings and deep gratitude to you." Quotes
Alva Fireheart
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