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Hello! I am a mother to 3 beautiful daughters and I am married to the most wonderful husband! I consider myself pretty open minded and open to other's views and interests and try not to judge them. I am a deep thinker and I enjoy intelligent conversation as well as just lending an ear to others. I am usually the one others go to when they have a problem or just need to talk, I am a empathic person so I am pretty understanding of where most people are coming from and how they are feeling. I am a very inquisitive person and I'm often pondering how things work and why. I may seem quite at times, please do not assume that I am bored or uninterested my brain is simply working. I am not what you would consider a social butterfly, I do not care for large crowds of people but prefer small groups or most preferably one on one situations. There is just to much to focus on with a lot of people, and for me it can be very irritating and frustrating as I am a bit empathic. My biggest interests are exploring the unknown of the world and trying to figure it out as well as studying the hidden potential of the mind. I believe everyone has hidden potential within the mind, it is just a matter of being sensitive enough to pick it up. And not being so desensitized (being told all your life it is wrong, and not possible and then you believe that is the truth) that when things do happen you dismiss them. The Great Spirit gave us the gift of our miraculous brain, use it, don't follow others just because they say this is the right way think for yourself. I pretty much like to take life one day at a time, and try to see the good and humor in everything. I don't like to dwell on the bad or what is going wrong in life, I know it will eventually work out (just not always the way you want it to). If you don't look at life that way then all the bad in life will swallow you up like a cancer and in the end you end up a very angry and lonely person. And the world is full of people just like that. I do work with reiki and use tarot cards and runes from time to time. Respect is a big issue for me, lack of respect to me and to others is not acceptable. Even though my soul is of the light, I do also carry the darkness within as we all do whether we choose to admit it or not. So yes I do have a temper and so forth, I am not perfect. But then again no one is. I am a therian as well, wolf. (Part of my spirit is a wolf.) No, I am not a furry. I am the keeper to many wonderful spirits/entities, from fairies to angels and many other spirits. I am what is considered a very old soul, having lived many many lifetimes. Of course not all of them human. I have a goofy/cheesy sense of humor. I still have a touch of wonderment of a child as I see new places and things. And I can still appreciate the beauty I come across in everyday life. From the glorious colors of a sunset to the wondrous harmony of a robin singing throughout the day. I love to explore and see new places and love to seek out the little out of the way sights that few else get to see. I will on occasion take the hard way up the side of a large hill just so when I get to the top the beauty and wonderment seem all the more powerful to me due to how hard I had to work to get to see the rewards.I love to hike through the woods, one of the few places I feel the most at home. And I love to lay/sit and look at the stars. When I can get to a area where they are very visible that is. Living in towns/cities and so forth have many benefits but you tend to lose out on so much. I warmly welcome any and all who are in need of a true friend or simply someone to talk to when life's trials have become to much to bare. Know that if you should choose to talk to me about such things that I do not discriminate nor judge nor spread your life's trials around to others, I am simply here to perhaps help you feel the load lighten a bit. To make life's trails more bearable for others is one of my life's missions. I hope you enjoyed the brief glimpse of me, it is by far not all of who I am. In truth we all are so much more than can be described, especially in a small bio.

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