Mystickal Jewels

I have completed a course with Cheralyn Darcey to learn how to make spiritual jewellery and my Mystickal Jewels are now available for sale.  My Mystickal Jewels consist of Earrings, Necklaces, Bracelets, Anklets, Serenity Beads, Mobile Phone Charms, Keyrings/Bag Charms and Bookmarks made from gemstones, beads, charms and silver plated findings and they are all infused with different types of healing system energies to bring healing to the wearer. To purchase any of these beautiful creations, please visit my Web Store.

Here are the types of Mystickal Jewels that I have brought into creation (or will be bringing in soon) and the healing energy systems that they have been infused with:

~ Angelic Love - infused with Lightworker Angels of the Heart energy.

~ Atlantis Forever - infused with Dolphins of Atlantis energy.

~ Buddha Blessings - infused with energy and blesings from Lord Buddha.

~ Dance of the Butterfly - infused with Butterfly Reiki Healing.

~ Dolphin's Grace - infused with Dolphin Reiki.

~ Dragonfly's Delight - infused with Dragonfly energy medicine.

~ Elemental Wisdom - infused with Elemental Reiki.

~ Fairy Footsteps - infused with Fairy Light RayKey.

~ Fairy Magick - infused with Energy & Magic of the Fairies energy.

~ Fairy Village - infused with Fairy Realms Reiki.

~ Fantasies of the Forest - infused with The Magickal Tree Essence Empowerment energy.

~ Flight of the Angels - infused with Angel Wings energy.

~ Flower Power - infused with Ethereal Flowers energy.

~ Gabriel's Guidance - infused with Lightworker Gabriel Archangel Link energy.

~ Heart of the Green Man - infused with the Greenman Attunement energy.

~ Imagine Peace - infused with the energies of peace, love, happiness, joy, music and flower energies.

~ Jewels of the Nile - infused with the Ancient Egyptian Healing Modalities energy as well as the energy of Goddesses Isis and Nefertiti.

~ Kundalini Shakti - infused with Kundalini Reiki and the energy of the mighty Dragons.  Designed to balance the chakras too.

~ The Light of Isis - infused with the Isis Blue Moon Healing System.

~ Light of Lemuria - infused with Light of Lemuria.

~ Light of the Unicorn - infused with the Unicorn Energy Healing System.

~ Mystic Cat - infused with Lightworker Domestic Cat Empowerment energy.

~ Realms of Magick - infused with Magic Reiki.

~ Skulls of Wisdom - infused with the Crystal Skull Activation energy.

~ Starlite Sparkles - infused with Starlight Reiki.

~ Waves of the Ocean - infused with Lightworker Friends of the Sea Empowerment energy.

~ Witch's Broom - infused with Magic Reiki.