Welcome to my Free Offerings page!

t the end of each month, I give away a free Mini Reading through my facebook business page . This is offered through my "Top Fan of the Month" application to those who "like" my facebook page and frequently join in this with wonderful community.  The application chooses a winner at the end of each month - this is the person with the most "points", who has commented on and liked the most posts for that month.   Why not come and like my facebook page for your chance to receive one of these free Mini Readings.  To like my page, you will need to have a facebook account, which is easy to set up.  I would love to connect with you over there :-)

As well as the free offerings above, below you will find links to free offerings of Self-Attunement Courses and Meditation Documents, which I hope you enjoy.

I also occasionally put up free offers for distant Readings, Healing Sessions and Attunement Courses, through little competitions and giveaways.  I used to offer these on facebook, but I am now offering them through my website instead.  When I am able to offer these little competitions, I will announce them on my "What's New Blog", on my facebook business page and through my newsletter to my website members.  Please click on the Readings/HealingSessions/Attunement Courses links below for more details.

The following links will take you to each relevant page for each free offering:

~ FREE READINGS (occasionally offered)
~ FREE HEALING SESSIONS (occasionally offered)
~ FREE ATTUNEMENT COURSES (occasionally offered)