Welcome to my Free Offerings page!

Below you will find links to free offerings of Self-Attunement Courses and Meditation Documents, which I hope you will enjoy.

I also occasionally put up free offers for distant Readings, Healing Sessions and Attunement Courses, through little competitions and giveaways.  I used to offer these on facebook, but I am now offering them through my website instead.  When I am able to offer these little competitions, I will announce them on my "What's New Blog", on my facebook business page and through my newsletter to my website members.  Please click on the Readings/HealingSessions/Attunement Courses links below for more details.

The following links will take you to each relevant page for each free offering:

~ FREE READINGS (occasionally offered)
~ FREE HEALING SESSIONS (occasionally offered)
~ FREE ATTUNEMENT COURSES (occasionally offered)