Course List

Here is a list of all of the courses I currently offer and those that are coming soon.  Please see each individual page in my Web Store for more details and to make payment if you wish to book a course.

Abundance & Prosperity Courses:

Abundance & Prosperity Course Package (10 courses of your choice)

Abundance and Success Empowerment Reiki

Abundance Flush Empowerments 1-6 Course Package

Attraction Reiki 1-3

The Cornucopia Empowerment

The Diamond of Prosperity

Ganesha Empowerment

Good Fortune Prosperity Empowerment

Light of Prosperity Empowerment

Manifestation Empowerment

Money Angel Reiki

Money Reiki Course Package (Money Reiki Practitioner, Money Reiki Master, Money Reiki Grand Master and Money Reiki for a New Reality)

St Germain and Raphael Prosperity Empowerment

Angel Courses:

The 4 Holy Archangelic Attunements

49 Angelic Symbols

Angel Course Package (10 courses of your choice)

Angel Flames Reiki

Angel Light Initiation

Angel Lightworker Program

Angel Reiki

Angel Wings

Angelic Empowerments

Angelic Expressions

Angelic Senses

Archangel Michael Attunement

Children's Angelic Light

Colours of Angels

Companion Angels Empowerment

Feathers of an Angel

The Gold Ray of Raphael

Inner Beauty Attunement of Archangel Haniel

The Key of Archangel Raziel

Light of Angels Reiki

Lightworker Angels of the Heart Empowerment

Lightworker Archangelic Links Course Package (Archangelic Colours, Archangels Ariel, Cassiel, Chamuel, Gabriel, Jophiel, Metatron, Michael, Raphael, Sandalphon, Uriel, Zadkiel, Zaphrael, Seraphim Rose Aura)

Metatron's Cube

Ray of Angels Oracle

Sapphires of Angels

Shield of Archangel Michael

Zapharel Course Package (Light of Zapharel, Zapharel's Light of Passion and Enthusiasm, Zapharel's Light of Clear Vision and Understanding, Zapharel's Light of Protection and Guidance, Zapharel's Light of Love and Acceptance, The Diamond of Zapharel, The Star of Zapharel, Zapharel's Love and Peace Alignment and The Silver Platinum Ray of Zapharel)

Animal Energy Courses:

Angels of the Earth - Animal Healing

Animal Empowerments

Animal Energy Course Package (10 courses of your choice)

Bear Reiki

Butterfly Reiki Healing

Children's Ladybug Protection

Dragon Course Package (7 courses)

Dragon Ki Reiki

Dragon Light

Dragon Lightworker Trilogy

Dragon Reiki 1 & 2

Dragon Transformation Vortex

Dragon Warrior

Hummingbird Empowerment

Lightworker Animal Empowerments Course Package (Bear Medicine Empowerment, Cougar Medicine Empowerment, Coyote Medicine Empowerment, Deer Medicine Empowerment, Domestic Cat Empowerment, Dragon Empowerment, Fox Medicine Empowerment, Great Blue Heron Medicine Empowerment, Hawk Empowerment, Racoon Medicine Empowerment, The Swan Empowerment, Turkey Medicine Empowerment, Turtle Medicine Empowerment, Wolf Empowerment)

Lightworker Animal Path Healing

Lightworker Tiger Reiki

Pixie Unicorn Reiki

Power Animal Empowerment

Rainforest Reiki

Snap of the Dragon Reiki

Spirit Steed Reiki Empowerment

Spiritual Animal Healing Program Levels 1-6

Totem Reiki

Unicorn Energy Healing System

White Dove Reiki

Ascension Courses:

The Acceptance Flush

The Ascended Masters

Ascension & Manifestation Lightwork Program

Ascension Course Package (10 courses of your choice)

Ascension Vibration

Ayurveda Reiki

Bam Reiki

Blue Star Celestial Energy

Breakthrough Reiki

Budai Empowerment

The Celestial Chakra Activation

The Celestial Light Body Activation

Celestial Reiki

The Celestial Starseed Activation

Children's Course Package (6 courses)

Christ Consciousness & Christ Healing

Christ Healing Energy

Cloak of Jesus Activation

Compassion & Gifts of Goddess Kuan Yin

Conscious Reiki

The Divine Rays 1-12

Drisana Level 1

Fearless Reiki

The Goddess Freya Warrior Heart Empowerment

Gold Reiki

The Golden Ray Empowerment

Golden Star Christ Activations

Heart of Mary Magdalene Reiki

Imara Reiki

Immaculate Heart of Mother Mary Reiki

Indigo, Crystal & Rainbow Children's Light Empowerments Course Package

Karmic Reiki

Lighten the Load Reiki

Lightworker Course Package (7 courses)

Lightworker Knights of Melchizedek

Lightworker Pure Potency Energy

Lord Ashtar Sheran Protection Attunement

Love Light Synthesis Reiki

Mahatma Ascension Reiki

MariEL Reiki

New Earth Teacher Levels 1-9 Course Package

The New Energy of Saint Germain

The Orgone Tachyon Fusion Orb

Planetary Intelligences

Quan Yin's Lavender Flame

Sacred Flames Reiki

Sacred Geometry Reiki

The Sacred Indigo Ray Attunement

The Saint Initiations Level 1

The Silver Violet Flame

Starlight Reiki

Spirit Reiki

Tachyon 2010

Thor's Hammer Empowerment

Violet Flame Course Package (3 courses)

Violet Flame Reiki

Ashati Courses:

Ashati Levels 1-3 Course Package (coming soon)

Chios Courses:

Chios Energy Field Healing Levels 1-3 Course Package (coming soon)

Colour, Chakra, Aura & Meridian Courses:

Above The Radar Reiki

Aura Flush

Aurora Reiki

Chakra Flush Empowerment

Chakra Healing Attunements

Chakra Ilahi

Chakra Repair Empowerment

Chandra Aura Reiki

Colour, Chakra, Aura & Meridian Course Package (10 courses of your choice)

Colour Reiki for Children

Energetic Aura Reiki

Full Spectrum Healing 1-3

Kundalini Reiki Course Package (Kundalini Reiki 1-3 & Kundalini Reiki Boosters 1-6 & Kundalini Reiki 1-3 2008)

Lightworker Musical Notes of The Chakras

Magickal Colour Reiki

Meridian Flush Empowerments 1-10 Course Package

Meridian Reiki

Purple Reiki

The Rainbow Light Healing System Level 1

The Rainbow Light Healing System Level 2 - The Rainbow Dove Empowerment

The Rainbow Light Healing System Level 3 - The Rainbow Skull Empowerment

The Rainbow Light Healing System Level 4 - The Rainbow Pyramid Empowerment

The Rainbow Light Healing System Levels 1-4 Course Package

Reiki Chakra 1-7

WhiteLight Self-Empowerments System Levels 1-4

Zone Reiki 1-4

Crystal Courses:

Angel Stones

The Atlantian and Gaia Trilogy Course Package (Atlantian Crystal Activation, Crystal Skull Activation and The Elemental Earth Star Empowerment) 

Atlantean Course Package (6 courses)

Atlantian Crystal Angels

Crystal Course Package (10 courses of your choice)

Crystal Deva Empowerments

Crystal Reiki

Ethereal Crystals 1-12 and Ethereal Crystals Boosters Levels 1 & 2 Course Package

Lemurian Course Package (7 courses)

Lemurian Facilitator

Lemurian Seed Crystals 1-4

Light of Lemuria

Lightworker Telos Empowerment

The Lithium Quartz Mental & Emotional Healing Method

Magickal Crystal Lightwork Program

New Lemurian Energies

The Phenacite Crystal Empowerment

Prehnite Crystal Empowerment

Rainbow Rays Sacred Stone Activations

The Stellar Atom Empowerment

Stone Reiki

Health & Wellbeing Courses:

Connective Tissue Service

Dental Shakti

Magickal Courses:

After The Rain Empowerment

Celtic Reiki 1-3

Celtic Wisdom Energy System

Elemental Reiki

Excalibur Reiki

Magic Reiki

Magickal Course Package (10 courses of your choice)

Magickal Lightwork Program

The Magickal Talisman Empowerment

Spell Clearing Empowerment

Stonehenge Energies

Wisdom of Merlin

Nature Spirit Courses:

Amethyst Fairy Orb

The Crystal Faery Shield Empowerment

Energy and Magic of the Fairies

The Faery Flora Energies

Faery Reiki

Fairy Light RayKey

Fairy LightWorker Program

Fairy Realms Reiki

The Faery Tree Spirit Energies

Green Trilogy

Greenman Attunement

Magical Nature Reiki

Nature Spirit Course Package (10 courses of your choice)

Oceanic Energy Courses:

Aquamarine Dolphin Healing Ray

Dolphin Prism Attunements

Dolphin Rainbow Chakra Healing System

Dolphin Reiki

Dolphin Sacred Drumbeat Empowerment

Dolphin Trilogy Reiki

Dolphins of Atlantis

Lightworker Friends of The Sea Empowerment

Lightworker Ocean Mother Full Moon Initiation

Merfolk Reiki

Oceanic Energy Course Package (10 courses of your choice)

Turquoise Flame

Walking The Rainbow with Dolphin Trilogy Reiki

Plant/Herbology Courses:

Ethereal Flowers 1 & 2

Ethereal Herbs

Etheric Herbal Remedies

Flower Attunements

Flower Essence Reiki

Homeopathy Ki 1-13

Karmic Flowers Attunement

Lightworker Calla Lily Flower Attunement

Lightworker Lavender Plant Shakti System

The Magickal Tree Essence Empowerment

Plant/Herbology Healing Course Package (10 courses of your choice)

Reiki Courses:

Advanced Reiki Master - Elemental Usui Reiki Level 4

Karuna Ki

New Usui Reiki 1-3

Raku Kei Reiki

Reiki Levels 5-15 Course Package

Shamballa Multi Dimensional Healing 1-4

Tibetan Reiki

Usui Shiki Reiki Ryoho Level 1
Usui Shiki Reiki Ryoho Level 2
Usui Shiki Reiki Ryoho Level 3
Usui Teate Reiki Level 1
Usui Teate Reiki Level 2
Usui Teate Reiki Level 3

Seichim/Egyptian Courses:

Ancient Egyptian Healing Modalities

Archangelic Seichim

Gayatri Seichim

Golden Triangle Healing System

Green Tara Seichim

Isis Blue Moon Healing System

Isis Seichim

Lightworker Dolphin Sekhem Seichim Reiki

Maha Kali Seichim

Pyramid Reiki

Ra Sheeba (coming soon)

Seichim/Egyptian Course Package (10 courses of your choice)

Sekhem Seichim (Sekhem Seichim and Seichim Master)

Sekhmet Seichim

Soul Star Seichim

Shamanic Courses:

Ama Deus Shamanic Healing

Elven Shamanic Healing

Hawaiian Trinity Reiki

Magickal Shaman LightWorker Program

Sacred Breath

Shamanic Course Package (10 courses of your choice)

Shamanic Empowerment

Shamanic Energy Healing

Shamanic Soul Retrieval Reiki

Spiritual/Intuitive Courses:

Ajna Activation Program

The Akashic Records

Crossroads Energy Empowerment

Familiar Spirits Empowerment

Inner Eye Empowerment

Intuition & Enorasis Empowerments 1 & 2

Intuition Reiki

Reiki Psychic Attunement

Spiritual/Intuitive Course Package (10 courses of your choice)

Telepathy Empowerment

Third Eye Psychic Empowerment

Whispers Energy Empowerment