If you have received a Reading, Healing Session, Therapy Session, Attunement Course or Magickal Light Creation from me, please add a Testimonial to this page if you wish. I would be very grateful - many thanks!

Love, Catherine xxxx

Quotes Thanku once again Catherine for an amazing reading, sooooo accurate, true n moving (brought tears to my eyes). You truly are one amazing lady and I'm so glad I've been able to sign up for your Reiki distance course at last. Lots of love n light, Cathy x x x Quotes
Cathy Hollinshead

Quotes Received a very intuitive & enlightened reading from Catherine. Will definately return for more.... she has a true gift. Quotes

Quotes Hi all, I have been receiving distant attunements from Catherine since 2008, and have been so pleased with her service. Catherine was one of my first mentors in energy healing and absent work and through her website has inspired me so much. Catherine is very supportive of everybody, very sharing. I love knowing Catherine. X Quotes
Deborah Ashley Jones

Quotes The reading is so accurate and it blew me away. You are such an amazing person and thank you for your time and friendship. Love. Girty xx Quotes

Quotes I have just received yet another FANTASTIC reading from the extremely talented n gifted Catherine. Thank you soooooooooooooooooooo much hun it has meant sooooooo much, wonderful. Lots of love n light, Cathy x x x x Quotes
Cathy Hollinshead

Quotes Have just had a lovely reading from this lady! Absolutely blown away by her knowledge and accuracy! I have told only one person about my plans for the future and he has been sworn to secrecy! But she picked up on exactly what they were!! This was a very short reading but blew me away...........and has helped with my confusion of opportunities! :) Thanks Catherine Robson Quotes
Sarah Kernan

Quotes Hi Catherine :)) hope your well. I just wanted to say thank you sooooooo much for my mini spirit reading it was wonderful. I've had very brief visions of this spirit guide but I'm having problems connecting :( really pleased and feel blessed to now know his name :))))). Your readings are fantastic and soooo accurate, thank you again hun x x x Quotes
Catherine Hollinshead

Quotes Hi Catherine ♥. Just wanted to say a HUGE THANK YOU for my reading it was FANTASTIC and sooooooooooo acurate. Anyone that is thinking about having a reading please please don't hesitate, its brilliant, accurate and comforting. Just go for it :)) Catherine is a wonderful, loving and intuitive. Thank you soooooooooo much again x x x x Quotes
Cathy Hollinshead

Quotes Hello Catherine, Thank you so very much for taking your time in doing my Magickal Reading. Wow it's fantastic and I wish you all the best with this type of reading on your website. It's excellent. I am really looking forward to progressing with my wicca. The reading has really motivated me. Many Blessings to you, Pamela. Quotes
Pamela Caddy

Quotes I have had the honour of receiving a reading from Catherine and cannot express how wonderful it was! Her reading was very clear, accurate and empowering. I was surprised at the details given that were very accurate with my life currently and where I am heading. I look forward to applying the guidance given in the reading and to the change that will occur from it. Thank you so much Catherine for such a beautiful and empowering reading! Lots of love and gratitude. ~Kayla Yetman <3 <3 Quotes
Kayla-Lynn Yetman
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